10 Simple Ways to Make this World a Better Place

10 Simple Ways to Make this World a Better Place

10 Simple Ways to Make this World a Better Place

Well, the idea of changing the world on your own can be really daunting. It is understandable and logically right to think, “I am just one little human; what impact can I really make on this wild wide world?”  Imagine how the world would look like if everyone harbored such thought; truly, there would be chaos, disorder, and ecological imbalances.

In the midst of her dream for a better universe, Helen Keller-a renowned political activist and author during America’s golden ages said, “I am just alone so, I cannot do everything; however I will not stop myself from doing something that I am capable of.”  So, Must you be Famous to Positively Change the World?

Seriously, guys, you don’t need the world on your palms either should you be famous and rich to make this planet better for human habitation. In fact, even your little seemingly insignificant actions can and will trigger millions of positive actions that can greatly affect our universe.  Everyone can make a difference.

Do you really want to see the world change? Well, first work on the individuals living around you. Helping people is one of the most powerful acts which not only impacts on the life of the needy person but also leaves you with a deeply therapeutic feeling. It also improves your relationship with others nurturing a  peaceful harmonious world.

Helping humanity ranges from a small gesture of kindness-like sharing lunch to greater more demanding actions like providing a needy kid with college fees.

No matter the magnitude, however, every action either small or big, is greatly appreciated.

Smile to someone. Give a small gift; make something to someone. Tell someone how awesome he or she is, send them a kind message. There are so many ways to make someone’s day better.

Helping does not only improve the life of the needy person but also acts as an example to others around you. As Paul Shane Spear said: “As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person”

Well, we all want to live in a better universe so, looking out for each other is a major step towards improving our world.


Here are some of the simple ways to make this world a better place


  1. Donate used clothing.

Everyone has those old clothes that they don’t need any longer. So, why let them rot in your closet while there is someone who desperately needs them? Well, there are various and methods you can easily donate your old clothes. A local Children’s home would be perfect to make such a generous donation.


  1. Listening

Sometimes people are not in need of your money or material thing. What they desperately need is your time and a listening ear. If your friend is stressed, either from a broken relationship or something she expects your undivided attention.

Avoid judgmental thoughts however. Well, sharing dark secrets with a trusted person has some magical therapeutic healing.


  1. Volunteering

Does it have to inconvenience you by consuming all your free time? Not really. All you need is about two hours in a hospital for the disabled to change a life.

However if you are an indoor person and still have the urge to volunteer, then you can consider doing so over the web. There are several websites that allow that.


  1. Donate Blood.

Surely guys, donating blood will really help save one life if not more. The whole process will take less than 30 minutes and is completely painless. Just visit any local hospital and your help will be gladly appreciated.


  1. Caring for the Environment

How beautiful is finely trimmed spring lawn, flowers, trees… Well, plants make our environment beautiful, safe and also maintain vital ecosystem balance. So, if you are dreaming of a better planet it starts right at the bottom of the food chain.

We, humans, have already inflicted damage to our earth through pollution resulting to major catastrophic effects in our society. With tones of nu-degradable toxic junks scattered on mother earth, a good number of plant and animal species have become extinct.

So, the biggest challenge humans are facing is reversing this cumulative process so as to save its crumbling ecosystem. Well, a balanced ecosystem not only benefits us but also the generations to come.

When most people think about improving the earth; what click in the minds of many is some gigantic alien strategies of pumping the earth with fresh oxygen. However, this is not the case.

Simple actions can really turn the odds on our side and help save the universe.


  1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag), Reuse Plastic Bags

Yesterday you visited the grocery and brought home a bag full of greens. However two days later you visit the grocery and still have to buy another bag to carry your verges with.

So my big question is, where did the previous bag go?   Probably you ignorantly dumped it in the trash bin without even caring where it will finally go.

Do you really have to buy a new shopping bag each and every day? Seriously I don’t think so. To avoid filling our backyards with this environment threatening bags, consider bringing your own reusable shopping bag. This will not only keep our environment clean but also reduce your budget.

Research from Duke University suggests that an adult human generates waste averaging at about 2.15kg per day. Per year this amounts to an incredible 110 million tons.

Reuse Plastic Bags. Plastic is a major contributor to global pollution. Simple initiatives like reusing your plastic bags can greatly help save millions of tones plastic from entering your environment.

Switching from plastic products would also be a wise move in making the world a better place to live in. according to an article published in the business insider, united states spent $11.8 billion on plastic water bottles in 2012


  1. Use Less Paper

The rate at which our prime forests are reducing is terribly alarming. So, why don’t you save a tree by appreciating the paperless world? Instead of updating friend and family through a handwritten letter consider doing so by sending an email. Well, it sounds ridiculous but trust me; forest degradation is real and it’s directly affecting us.


  1. Drive Less

If you want a healthy thriving universe, consider reducing your SUV trips to and from town. Even your super-efficient Eco-friendly car pollutes the air with substantial volumes of toxic emission resulting to poor quality air.

Otherwise, use a bike for short errands and public transportation.


  1. Support your values while shopping.

Try to buy items that are local, organic, or fair-trade.

You can also shop at online stores that donate a percentage of your purchases to charitable organizations. For example: smile.amazon.com, styli.lifemarket.unicefusa.org and so on.


  1. Educating the People

If you want to achieve a better more habitable world, educating the general public is very important. Make your workmates understand the importance of making the world clean and safe.

You can also pass information through the social media including, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and snap chat.


Bottom Line

If you want to make the world a better place you need to need to start somewhere, no matter how big or small your actions are. Pay attention to your environment, help someone in need, but do it from your heart. Every single thing you do makes a difference.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through our article. Hit the comment box and help make the list longer. Trust me someone will acknowledge your ideas just as you have appreciated mine.


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