Signs You Are not Drinking Enough Water

Signs You Are not Drinking Enough Water

What are the Signs You Are not Drinking Enough Water?

We can survive for a couple of days without food, but surviving without water is a totally different story. Carrying water with you all of the time may be a little bit over the top, but when you have access to water, you should make sure you have at least a small drink. The signs you Are not drinking enough water can appear faster than you may think.    

What are the Top Signs You Are not Drinking Enough Water?

Dry mouth

The first thing you may notice is that your mouth is dry. Your tongue will feel furry and you may even experience a funny taste in your mouth. This means your saliva glands are not producing enough saliva. You don’t exactly need to rush off to find water, but the next time you come across a water source, it is a good idea to have ” a top-up”. 


A headache is another sign of dehydration. When the weather is hot many people blame the sun on their headaches. However, it is not necessarily true, your headache can, in fact, be a result of dehydration. It is easy to forget that our skin consists of pores, and when we perspire, the water in our bodies evaporate through our skin. We have all heard of keeping our head covered in the winter to stop heat escaping. This is perfectly true, but during hot summer days, keeping your head covered is just as important. Your body is letting water escape and does so through all parts which are covered by skin.    

Dry skin

Dry skin is another one of the signs you are not drinking enough water. In extreme cases, you will find your skin begins to look different. It starts to look less elastic, and when you pinch your skin, it can take some time for your skin to fall back into place. Take a look at your skin, and you will find your pores have contracted. This is the body’s self-defense when it comes to hanging on to water.     

Serious Signs You’re Dehydrated    

What are the more serious signs you are experiencing dehydration? More serious symptoms of dehydration include dark urine and fussy eyesight. It often surprises people that eyesight problems are signs of severe dehydration. But, the eye is extremely dependent on water to function correctly. If you notice this happening, you need to try to get hold of water as soon as possible.    

Another serious sign is muscle cramps, and at the same time, you may experience aching joints. Your muscles need water to function well, and most importantly of all, we should not forget our heart is a muscle. You have probably heard of athletes collapsing from a lack of hydration. This is proof your entire body needs water. Without water, our circulation can cease and we may even become subject to what is known as Sudden Death Syndrome.    

A pain in your lower back means your kidneys are being affected. But before this happens, you may find you are experiencing a pain under your right rib. Most people do not associate this with dehydration, but it is one the most serious symptoms of dehydration. The pain under your ribs is a cry of help from your liver telling you that it does not have enough fluid to process waste matter. It may not be a sharp pain. The best way to describe it is like a dull ache. Once you are aware of the pain under your right rib, you may even find your lower back hurts. As a result of problems in the liver, the kidneys are now being forced to process more waste matter and is going into an emergency mode.     

When Water is Not Water

Bottled water is not the only source of water. Fruits are excellent sources of water, and when you are experiencing signs of dehydration, eating an apple or a piece of melon, may help just as much. Fruits do not only contain water, but they also contain micro minerals which will help your body to increase the efficiency of your organs.     

Once the function of your organs is improved, it is a good idea to sip water. Drinking large quantities of water all at once is not a good idea. It can have a harmful effect, and sipping water will help to restore normal body functions faster than drinking a large quantity quickly. A large amount of water can cause the stomach to spasm and you will be put yourself at risk from vomiting.  

Top Fruits for Restoring Balance

     fruits to restore water balance

Apples are one of the best fruits as they contain pectin. The health benefits of pectin are often underestimated, but this soluble fiber will help your body to hang on to water, and balance micronutrient levels.     

Any kind of melon is a good source water, but not only that, melons contain a large number of antioxidants. If your body has experienced the stress of dehydration, it will need the help of antioxidants to recuperate.     

Drinking about one and a half liter of water per day is a good idea. but we should not ignore the fact that alternative water sources give us more than water.

We need water to survive, but water with micro minerals and antioxidants can help us to thrive when you are experiencing signs you are not drinking enough water

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