What are Health Benefits of Wine?

health benefits of wine

Health benefits of wine

Wine has been one of the most controversial topics, specifically whether it has any benefits or not. Some people praise the idea and encourage wine consumption, selling the idea that it comes with many advantages. Meanwhile, others are with contrary opinion and usually not persuaded by the topic.

In fact, consuming wine in moderation may bring you several health benefits. Please continue reading if you would like to know more about health benefits of wine.

Protection from the sun

According to reports on a study conducted in the University of Barcelona, drinking wine could relive you from applying sun cream every time you go out since it has the ability to protect you from the rays.

The results published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry state that properties found in grapes can shield the skin from ultra violet rays.

The researches explained that when the sun-rays hit the skin it releases reactive oxygen species. This process sets other processes in motion and activates of skin cell destroying compounds.

The reactive oxygen species releases oxygen into the lipids and other molecules. Thereby these reactive oxygen species give life to enzymes that destroy the skin. The compound found in grapes, called flavonoid, prevents this from happening by stopping the formation of the reactive oxygen species.

Cancer prevention

health benefits of wine

A study conducted by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has contradicted the popular belief that all types of alcohol increase chances of having breast cancer.

According to the research, only red wine is the exception to this belief due to the properties in the seeds and skin of red grapes. These properties help reduce the levels of hormones, estrogen and testosterone. Whereas, increased level of estrogen and testosterone can increase the risk of cancer. Wine helps to lower these hormones. Once more, moderation is very important. You can read about a recommended dosage of wine below.

Preventing brain damage

health benefits of wine

Study conducted by John Hopkins University School of Medicine states that resveratrol, which is found in red grapes can prevent the brain from harm when one suffers stroke. Furthermore, the study conducted on mice showed very interesting results. Evidently, he resveratrol compound has the capacity to increase levels of an enzyme; enzyme that protects brain cells from damage.

Increased lifespan – one of the health benefits of wine

Researchers from the university of California Irvine institute for memory impairment and neurological disorders found that drinking wine helps people live longer. They evaluated the lives of different people over a long period and the got surprising results. Participants with two habits in common – occasionally drinking wine and coffee had a higher percentage of living longer than those who abstained.

Protection from heart diseaseshealth benefits of wine

University of Gothenburg’s scientists conducted a study on several people who had heart diseases and others who didn’t. They performed tests on their blood and found that consuming wine could help protect one from heart diseases. This is because alcohol affects the cholesteryl ester transfer protein that influences cholesterol transfer molecules. This ensures that only good cholesterol stays in the body. This effect of wine is presumed to be one of the explanations of French Paradox.

How much alcohol can I drink a day?

Drinking wine positively affects our health, however only if consumed moderately, which is according to Dietary Guidelines one drink (5 fl oz) for women and up to 2 drinks (10 fl oz) for men per day. Cheers!

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