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Thanksgiving Day. Ideas. Traditions. History.

What is Thanksgiving?

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is one of the most awaited national holidays in USA. The day is commemorated by enjoying traditional lunch and dinner. Thanksgiving rituals and ceremonies are also organised as part of the grand celebration.

To enhance the spirit and enthusiasm, people travel to their homes and arrange family gatherings. From 6 to 60, every individual derives utmost pleasure from all the events that take place on this occasion.


Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

As a historical national holiday, every American gets an opportunity to be with family and enjoy social reunion. Keeping aside the historical aspect, the gentle folks take this chance to thank their family members for their immense support, encouragement and contribution. At the end, one must remember one’s family, the building-block of life and be thankful for their upbringing.

It is also important to introduce new members of the family to one another. So, newlywed couples and new-born kids play a special role. Elders hug; children play, share stories and also take part in cultural activities. In short, this one-day festival takes everyone out from their monotonous life and creates wonderful memories for another year.

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Which countries in the world celebrate Thanksgiving?

The main roots of Thanksgiving lie in USA and Canada. The second Monday of October is declared as Thanksgiving in Canada. Similar celebrations are seen in countries like Australia, Grenada, Netherlands, Liberia, The Philippines and Saint Lucia.

Asian countries- Japan and India also rejoice bountiful harvest at this time, although under different names.


What is the history of Thanksgiving?

The history of this grand festival varies according to places. In USA, it began in 1789 after George Washington made a proclamation to that effect, following a request by the Congress.

Another historical source traces its beginning to 1621 when the new American settlers celebrated their harvest at Plimoth Plantation. It is said that two Native Americans namely Squanto and Patuxet had taught the Wampanoag tribe how to grow corn and catch eels. Their first successful harvest planted the saplings of Thanksgiving.


What is the point of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a big THANK YOU to the Almighty for huge harvest. As large farms in America harvest crops at this time of the year, it calls for unending fun and fiesta.

thanksgivingThanksgiving also refers to a peace treaty between the Native Americans and Pilgrims, who shared a grand meal on this day. As family gather around the tables for lunch/dinner, they always thank God for the rich harvest while praying for higher and better cultivation in the forthcoming years. Thus, it is a blend of two festivities on a single day.

Why is Thanksgiving important?

On one hand, it is a significant day for thanking God for food and everything. Children also learn about the importance of praying and being thankful. They also connect to their roots.

On the other hand, it makes every American recall the peace treaty which had taken place between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. It therefore develops a sense of belonging among all the communities residing in America and other countries.

Why do we have turkey for Thanksgiving?

There are two reasons behind it. One, the colonial rulers loved to hunt turkey.thanksgiving

In fact, Bradford gives an excellent description of colonial turkey hunting in 1621 autumn. Two, it is a symbol of America’s enormous wealth and ability of its citizens. As a unique bird species, it reflects the nation’s prowess.

Gradually, it became a favorite item in every meal. Further, Lincoln’s declaration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday aroused people’s interest in making turkey for this festival.

What is The Correct Time For Thanksgiving Dinner?

The ideal time to plunge into a mouth-watering Thanksgiving supper is 4 p.m.


What is a Traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving dinner anywhere in the world is incomplete without Roasted Turkey. Turkeys of any size occupies the centre stage of dinner tables.

Alongside are green olives, pickles, oyster stew, celery, cranberry sauce, creamed asparagus, snowflake potatoes, hot rolls, baked carrots, fruit salad and cake, candies and meat pie.

Easy Thanksgiving Ideas

1. If you can make roasted turkey, your Thanksgiving does not need anything else.thanksgiving

2. For cakes and candy lovers, making a fruit cake, pumpkin cakes, avocado salad shall be amazing.

3. You can also go for a complete salad and soup meal. Here, you may have wild rice salad, Brussel sprout salad along with oyster stew. You may also include corn bread muffins and dinner rolls in your menu.

Why should I bring for Thanksgiving dinner when I am invited?


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To be the best guest and receive the warmest welcome, you must carry roasted turkey. And if you’re totally clueless about the recipe, go for fruit cakes, salads and stew. Nowadays, chocolates are also a part of celebration. Ensure that you carry enough for everyone.

Pies and muffins are also excellent gift options.

If you want to avoid carrying food, make sure to get some good quality natural flowers in a wonderful bouquet. If you have pictures of your hosts, you may also collage it and frame it in album. That’s going to be equally great!!

So, enjoy Thanksgiving, indulge in delicious recipes and create nice memories!!

😉 Happy Thanksgiving!


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