11 interesting Facts about Orgasms

interesting facts about orgasms

11 interesting facts about orgasms

Orgasm is a rapid muscle contraction that both men and women experience during sex. The contraction happens around the genitals, anal area and sometimes the entire body. Surprisingly, there aren’t many studies on “peak of sexual excitement”, especially on mysterious female orgasms. However, let’s look at scientifically proven facts about orgasms.

1. Both men and women experience sleep orgasm

Contrary to popular belief, it is now scientifically proven that night orgasm is not only associated with men. Women can also experience orgasm in their sleep.

2interesting facts about orgasms. Men also fake orgasms

When it comes to faking an orgasm, most people think that this is a thing for women. That’s not usually the truth because men are also proven to  fake orgasm. Reasons can be different, such as psychological pressure, side effects of drugs or medical conditions.

3. Some women experience orgasm during childbirth

Despite all the pain that women undergo during childbirth, some women can still experience orgasm in the process, so-called “birthgasm” or “orgasmic childbirth”. It comes like a sensational feeling that makes them feel nice for a short time before the baby finally comes out. This happens due to release of oxytocin in large quantities.

4. Both men and women experience multiple orgasms

interesting facts about orgasms

We all know that women are more likely to experience multiple orgasms. This doesn’t mean that men don’t experience the same. As there is a difference between orgasm and ejaculation, multiple orgasms are real for both genders.

5. Some women experience premature orgasm

Pre-mature orgasm is not only a problem with men. Some women also experience pre-mature orgasm. Some studies suggest that pre-mature orgasm for both genders can be caused by stress, relationship problems or biological causes.

6interesting facts about orgasms. Exercises stimulate orgasm

Some people have confessed that they experience orgasms while doing exercise. Most common exercises that are likely to course orgasm include yoga, jazzercise, running, and heavy lifting.


7. Orgasm is good for your health

People who experience more orgasms live healthier lives than those who don’t. Orgasm is also proven to boost the immune system. You can lose about 2-3 calories during orgasm, so this is a good way to shed off excess weight.

interesting facts about orgasms

8. There are people who suffer from Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia or Orgasmic Disorder is a condition whereby a person cannot reach orgasm. Many people are said to suffer from this condition, and it happens to both men and women at different stages of their lives.

This condition is also known as lack of orgasm and is a health condition that should be addressed.

9. Some people can orgasm without genital stimulation

Just a simple thought about orgasm is enough to make some people climax. They don’t need any genital stimulation or body touching for them to orgasm as long as they are in the right state of mind.

interesting facts about orgasms10. Pain and orgasm are correlated

It is scientifically proven that two parts of the brain that are activated when someone is in pain are also active during orgasm. This is the reason why facial expression during pain and orgasm are very similar.


11. Some parts of the brain shut down during orgasm

This may seem like a myth, but it’s actually the truth. During orgasm, the brain parts that sense fear and danger shut down for some seconds.

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