How to know if you’re ready for marriage

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At some point of relationships, many partners come to the question of marriage and none wishes to make wrong decision. Regardless of long-lasting relationships, when both fall in love and everything seems perfect, some have doubts whether they are ready to go further. This article provides a guide to the matter for those interested.

Love and respect

Partners in a relationship should love each other absolutely and have respect for one another. This will enhance a long-lasting relationship with the partner. Words and actions of one partner should respect the other partner.

marriage, family, weddingGenuine desire

One should be sure if he/she really wants to marry or get married. This will enable one to understand himself /herself if he/she is marrying for the right reason. Values and beliefs should be put into consideration. Partners may be having different hobbies, religion and interest, but the core values are important. Core values, for example, a belief that honesty is the best, a belief that family is of fundamental importance should be aligned.


One should be honest to another. Honesty in a relationship is important as it enhances a happy and fulfilling relationship. Marriage is likely to collapse if one hides things from his/her partner. By being truthful and genuine, partners can secure their relationships and discuss all misunderstandings.  There might be a situation when someone else has the intention to marry your partner. This can make a person have doubts about his/her future. If there are worries, partners should be honest with each other and discuss everything.

Financial stability

Financial situation should be put into consideration before one decides whether to marry or not. Partners should discuss their financial problem openly before getting into marriage. One partner or both may be having debts, student loans so it is important for them to discuss in order to find a way of paying them. In order to make marriage pleasant, but not burden, partners should ensure that they have adequate income. It can be at least a perspective of career development to support family.

Open communication

Another indicator for one to know if he/she is ready for marriage is when he/she is able to communicate openly to his/her partner. This will enable one to express his/her feelings and thoughts without fear. Active listening is important in communication so if one does not care about listening to his/her partner then he/she is not ready for marriage. It is also very important that disagreements and disputes that arise in every relationship do not have negative effect on it. When partners listen to each other, conflicts will help the partners to understand each other better and will help them to be closer together, so they can solve a problem easily if in case it arises.

Together in sorrow and joy
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Together in sorrow and joy

A person should have been with his /her partner for long and have faced good and bad times together. When one is still happy after facing bad times in life with his/her partner, it indicates that a person is ready for marriage.

When partners are planning for marriage and not the wedding then they are ready for marriage. This is in the sense that wedding lasts for hours while marriage lasts forever, so a person should plan for the rest of his/her life. Partners should think about how life will be with each other. If partners’ relationships are deep, if they can handle and solve issues together when needed then they can decide to marry. Relationship should be deeper than just having fun all the time, being carefree or going out every night. Partners must take into account that marriage is a matter of tackling problems which may arise, raising kids in a healthy family and being together till the end.


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