Why do my ears itch inside?

my ears itch inside

Why is the inside of my ear so itchy?

Why do my ears itch inside? The main cause of itching inside the ear is the beginning of a possible infection, allergy or nervous habit. Very dry skin from diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis and skin allergies may also cause ear itching. In this article, we will take a close look at each of these reasons.

Ears, indeed are very sensitive and consist of many neurological fibers. Ears are also the tool that help us to maintain balance, and finally one of our 5 essential senses.  This is why if our ears itch, we feel very annoyed and try to react and itch them.

Many people use matches, cotton swabs, paper clips, tooth picks and fingers to scratch their ear. However, sticking different objects into your ears can cause serious trauma of the ear canal. It can scratch and break the skin inside the ear, which may lead to bacteria growth in ear canal.

Here are some reasons why your ears may become very itchy:

Why do my ears itch inside?

1. Dry Skin

Healthy ears produce wax, which acts as a natural lubricant inside your ears. Wax also helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells out of your ears. However, if the skin inside your ears is very dry, and your ears do not produce enough wax, then your ears become dry, itchy and flaky.

2. Infections

One of the main reasons for itchy ears is an ear infection. Oftentimes, your ears may become vulnerable if you have cold or allergies.

Also, if extra moisture or water stays too long in your ear after you swim or shower, various germs may accumulate there. It may weaken your ear’s natural defense layers against bacteria and viruses.

Furthermore, infection of the outer ear canal may cause annoying ear pain on top of the itching. It is usually happens due to inflammation and can lead to swelling.

3. Ear canal dermatitis

As an allergic reaction to some personal care products you use in your ears, or a particular metal in your earring, the skin around your ears may become inflamed. It may lead to ear canal dermatitis, itchy and swollen ears.

A skin condition, like psoriasis, may also lead to itchy ear canals.

4. Headphones and hearing aid devices

If you use headphones and hearing aid devices all the time, it may trap water and excess moisture inside you ears, which may develop bacteria. Try to take it out and clean it sometimes.

Also, if your headphones or hearing aid devices do not fit your ear well, it may cause pressure on certain areas, or even scratch it. This may lead to itching as well.

5. Allergies

If you have any allergies to certain food, drinks, you may feel your ears itching deep inside as soon as you consume any of those products.

Allergic reactions to any beauty products or jewelry can cause rash and itchy ears. Be careful choosing your skincare products and accessories.

Why my inner ear and throat are itchy? 

If your throat is itchy along with your itchy ears, that means that you more than likely have allergic rhinitis, or sinus problems.

How to stop the inside of your ear from itching? 

Natural remedies to stop itchy ear: 

Itchy Ear Remedy – White Vinegar 

itchy ears treatment To prepare White Vinegar Ear Drops at home, mix one spoon of vinegar with one spoon of water. Directions: two drops twice a day, for 3 days.

Itchy Ear Remedy – Olive oil and garlic

itchy ears treatment Mix 1 table spoon of olive oil with a pinch of crushed garlic, bring the solution to a boil. Let the mixture cool down. Use as ear drops 3 times a day, for 2-3 days.

Itchy Ear Remedy – Rubbing Alcohol

itchy ears treatment 70% rubbing alcohol can also help to get rid of itching in ears. Use it as ear drops, twice a day for 3 days. However, you have to be careful with this one. If your ears are itching because of infection or inflammation, alcohol will burn. If it hurts, it maybe the first signs of ear infection.

Stop using cotton swabs to clean your ears !!

my ears itch insideDo not use cotton swabs to clean your ears, because they can push wax further into the ear. It may lead to a damage of the eardrum.

Many people use cotton swabs to clean they ears, even though the packaging of the swabs warn them not to do so. The wax that is pushed further into the ear can build up over time and cause itching, pain, reduced hearing or even hearing loss.

Our ears are designed to drain excessive wax out naturally, and we do not need to stick different fuzzy or smooth things to help them. They’ve got it.

You might also want to check out the article: How to clean ears safely?

When should I see a doctor?

my ears itch insideIf home remedies do not improve your itchy ear symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor.

If you experience fever, any swelling, bleeding, drainage from your ears, or if you cannot hear well, you have to see a medical professional as soon as possible.

Why do my ears itch inside?
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