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Homer Simpson’s guide to flabby arms

Flabby arms are the problem of many people. Even if you have a perfect look, beautiful body, flabby arms can ruin everything. Using the guides given in this article, you can get rid of this problem. Loose arms is very noticeable in warm seasons, when you can wear short sleeves clothing.

With toned arms, a person looks much younger, fit, and healthy. It takes some time before you will the result. Remember, that even if your arm muscles are toned, but under the layer of fat, the result will not be seen. In order to maximize the effect of workout, you must make it a habit and stick to it. Exercises must target various arm muscles. As you get used to those exercises, we advise to increase the length of workout routine. In addition, eating plan must be healthy. This article provides a full guide to flabby arms.

How to know if your arms are flabby?

Stand in front of the mirror. Raise your arms bent in the elbows. Start waiving your arm and draw attention to the upper part of your arm. If your triceps waive after your arm, this means you have lack of toned muscles.

Reasons of flabby arms

There are several reasons of the arms becoming flabby. First, flabby arms can be the result of weight gaining. Fat is usually reserved on the back of the arms (or triceps), as a result muscles in this area are relaxed most of the time.

Another reason is aging. By the age of 30 metabolism slows down and an organism goes through hormonal changes. Due to low activity, you burn the calories much slower. In addition, as we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity. Sometimes genetics play crucial role too. If you are young, you do not have weight or genetic problems, but still have flabby arms, it means you need to do exercises.

Interesting fact- women suffer from this problem more often than men do. This can be explained by extra fat that women gain more quickly. Moreover, most men do hard work, go to the gym and work the muscles. To build toned muscles, you need to do workout, 2-3 sets 15-25 reps each. For increasing the efficiency of workout, we advise to add some cardio exercises.

Healthy eating plan

To bet rid of flabby arms start with following the right diet. A rational approach in burning calories is keeping a healthy eating plan. It is important to avoid eating junk and unhealthy food. Also, drink a lot of water, about 1.5-2 liters a day because water increases metabolism. To wake your organism in the morning, have a glass of water with lemon. In addition, have a breakfast every day, for it helps to keep you active the whole day.

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Ayo Ogunseinde
  1. Push-ups. Lie face- down on the floor, feet together. Prop on the toes. Rest on your straightened arms on the width of your shoulders, palms down. Raise your body up, forming the straight line from your head to feet. Use the force in your arms. Slowly lower your body as close to the floor as possible, until your arms form 90° Inhale, while going down; exhale, while going up (8-12 times for beginners)

What you need: dumbbells (5-15 pounds each)

Bruce Mard
  1. Stand right, legs on the width of the shoulders. Elbows close to the body, raise your forearms with dumbbells (25-35 times)



3. Stand like in the previous exercise. Raise your arms to the level of shoulders, bent at the angle of 90°. Unbend arms with dumbbells up to 20-30 times.


4.Bent your knees a little (you can use a bench) and bend over with your back straight. Pull up your arms with dumbbells to your shoulders (15-20 times)

5.Stand like in the previous exercise and straight your arms back, while tightly holding your arms close to the body (25-35 times)


What you need: bench, step or chair

Tatiana Chekryzhova
  1. Bench dips. Sit on the edge of a bench. Further, keep your legs straight, extending them in front of you. Place your heels firmly on the floor and grasp the bench with your hands, fingers down. Slowly slip your body off the bench, while leaving your legs motionless. Lower your body down, back must be straight, arms forming 90° Straighten your arms, move your body back to the original position.

Using these advices mentioned above, it is possible to keep your arms in a perfect form. Remember to workout and follow a healthy eating plan.

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