Breast augmentation

Besides their biological function where they are used as storage for a child’s milk, breasts are very important features. They depict the feminine image of girls and grown up women. Due to a number of factors such as aging, illnesses or even delivery, the shape, size and firmness of most breasts are usually affected. The best part is that even in such cases, it is still possible to achieve positive changes. You can have the ideal shape, size and firmness of your breasts with the help of breast augmentation surgery.

What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are typically prosthetic devices that are normally used to change the shape, size or contours of a person’s breasts. In reconstructive surgery, the devices are normally placed under the chest muscles or breast tissues. This helps  restoring the natural appearance of one’s breasts. Fortunately, there is a number of seasoned breast augmentation surgeons that can perform safe, accurate and efficient mastectomy breast reconstruction. Also it is possible to correct congenital defects or even deformities in a patient’s chest using breast implants.

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Types of Implants for Breast Augmentation

Ideally, there is a wide range of breast implants that are normally used in breast augmentation, mammaplasty and breast reconstruction procedures. These include:

1.Saline Breast Implants

They are filled with a sterile saline solution. Saline breast implants are prosthetic medical devices that have thick and room-temperature vulcanized shells which are made of the silicone elastomer material. They are medically-approved implants that usually provide uniform firmness, shape, as well as feel. Moreover, they are suitable for women aged 18 years or older. The best thing about these implants is that in the event that the shell starts leaking, the implant will collapse. As a result this allows the saline solution to be absorbed into the body and get expelled naturally.

2.Silicone Breast Implants

This is another type of commonly used breast implants that are normally filled with silicone gel. It feels like the natural breast tissue. Whenever there is any leakage, the gel is likely to remain within the shell or escape into the pocket of the implant. Hence, this prevents any likelihood of the entire implant collapsing. Silicone gel breast implants are particularly suitable for women aged 20 years or more.

3.Gummy Bear Breast Implants

These are form-stable implants that are designed to maintain their unique shape even in cases where the implant shell is actually broken. They have a thicker gel than the traditional silicone gel implants and are firmer than the traditional implants. A shaped gummy bear breast implant usually has more projection right at the bottom part and are normally taped towards the top. When it rotates, this implant can result in an unusual appearance of your breast that would require a procedure to correct.

4.Round Breast Implants

These types of implants usually make the breasts to appear fuller and higher profile options. They can help you to achieve more projection. Since round implants have the same shape all round, you will not worry about the device rotation out of position.

Other types include; smooth and textured breast implants.

Advantages of Using Breast Implants

a.The procedure is able to change the shape and size of your breasts, improving your body image as well as self-esteem.

b.The devices can be used to correct developmental defects

c.They can be used for reconstructing breasts after trauma or breast cancer surgery.

d.Implants can also improve or correct results of the previous surgery.

e.Unlike other surgical procedures, the breast augmentation surgery involving the use of implants, is quicker. In fact, it can be done within hours and you go back home the same day.

Disadvantages of Using Breast Implants

a.They can cause functional breastfeeding difficulties especially if a milk duct or a nerve is cut or damaged during the procedure.

b.The implant removal procedure can be complex. In some cases it is more expensive than the insertion, especially when a silicone-gel implant has ruptured.

c.You will be required to visit the surgeon at certain intervals for the specialist to ensure that everything is okay. This can also be costly and inconveniencing.

d.They can delay breast-cancer diagnosis.

All in all, breast implants are very important prosthetic devices which are mainly used for breast reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation or cosmetic surgery. They can restore your feminine body shape, boosting your body image and self confidence. However, when you are planning to have an insertion procedure, you need to go to an expert who will vividly inform you of the implications of the procedure and use the most advanced and safe techniques that will guarantee optimal results.

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