How to get a bigger butt fast?

get a bigger butt fast

How to get a bigger butt fast

Why are big butts attractive?

Long time ago, a female’s fertility status meant a lot. In ancient world, if a woman had big full breasts and wide hips, that would practically mean that she was able to carry and give birth to many children. Therefore, back then, women with big breasts and large butts made more desirable wives, girlfriends and sexual partners. Years passed by, but people’s subconscious mind is still referencing those parts of female body to fertility, even though not directly.

Nowadays, men are not looking to have kids with a woman because she has a big butt, however they are sexually more attracted to that hourglass figure.

Sexy butt, indeed, is a very serious topic! Scientists at Bilkent University in Turkey worked hard to figure out why men prefer bigger butts. They also connected the attractiveness of buts to the evolutionary advantage they provided.

The scientists from the University of Oxford conducted a research that shows that women with wider hips and a larger butt were intellectually superior than slimmer women. The research pointed out that women with bigger butts have larger amount of of omega-3 fatty acids, which is proven to catalyze brain development.

If you are trying to get a bigger butt fast, so that you feel more confident, attractive, and even smarter, please continue reading this article.

What is inside of our buttock cheeks? 

How to get a bigger butt fastOur butts comprises of four major structures, all of which play an important role in giving our butt its shape.

This includes bone structure, muscles, subcutaneous fat and skin.

Bone structure

When it comes to the width of your hips, you should know that the pelvis determines the shape of your booty bones. Women have wider pelvis, therefore – wider hips than men. In short, wider your pelvis- wider your hips and larger your butt looks.

Buttock muscles

The butt consist of three major muscles that give your butt a shape. They include, gluteus maximus, gluteus medis and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. If well exercised, this muscle will give your booty a perfect round shape. Gluteus minimus is also known to prevent saggy butt syndrome. In addition to that, this muscle is responsible for the formation of hips. The gluteus medis, also known as the upper glute, plays a major role in abduction and rotation of the hips.

Subcutaneous fat

This is a healthy layer of fat in your butt, that actually makes sitting comfortable. Diet, exercise and genetics affect the amount of subcutaneous fat you have in your butt.


The skin is the outer layer of the butt. Its role is to protect the inner parts of the butt. If your are trying to make your butt bigger, make sure you pay attention to your skin. Large butt with many stretch marks and unhealthy-looking skin won’t look very attractive.

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Exercises to get a bigger butt fast

get a bigger butt fastExercising regularly is a great way to improve your booty shape. The following exercises will greatly help build your booty and keep it toned.


Yes, old fashioned squats – one of the best butt exercises. Squats do not only make your butt bigger but they also make your body flexible and strong. During this exercise, you should put more attention on squeezing the glute muscles because it plays a great role in giving your butt a perfect shape.

Leg lifts on a fitness ball

This simply involves leg lifts while lying on a ball. This type of practice strengths your glute muscles. The secret here is to keep your abs and back flat during the exercise.


Deadlifts is another great exercise that work better for both your butt and lower back. This exercise will activate your gluteus maximus which is responsible for giving your butt a round shape.

Here is an easy 10-minute butt workout exercises that you can do at home.

Foods to get a bigger butt fast

get a bigger butt fastMany people think that if you just eat a lot and get fat, you will automatically have bigger butt.

By eating a lot of junk foods, you will definitely get a bigger but, and bigger belly, bigger face, bigger finger, everything bigger… You will just look BIG. And Saggy. And Floppy.

Your booty needs fat, but a healthy one. Here is the list of foods that will give you that healthy fat, that is good for your butt:


Most of the nuts contains proteins and fats that will make your body strong enough to exercise in order to develop a bigger but. Examples of nuts with a higher protein and healthy fat content includes, cashew nuts and peanuts. Furthermore, nuts are rich of vitamins and minerals; and they help to reduce your cholesterol level.


Avocadoes contain unsaturated fats that will actually make your body healthy. In addition to that, avocadoes have antioxidant properties which will keep your whole body fit. Avocadoes do not contain much of protein, but they are full of vitamins, potassium, fiber and amino acids, that will help you to grow your booty.

Yoghurt and Milk

As we noted above, a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat means a healthy booty. Yoghurt contains “good” fat. Fitness models consume yoghurt and milk on regular basis. Milk has calcium, protein, magnesium that are very important for your butt bones, muscles and skin as well. Milk and yoghurt are easy to absorb, they are great for muscle recovery, which leads to muscle growth.


Eggs contain important nutrients that will keep you body stronger. They also contain high content of vitamin D and proteins.


Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are very healthy. It also contains a lot of proteins which will give your body energy. Fish contains healthy fats, the ones that help to remove the bad ones from your arteries.


Buttocks augmentation surgery 

get a bigger butt fast-butt augmentation surgeryGetting buttock implants maybe the fastest and most expensive ways to get a bigger butt. Buttocks augmentation surgery can be safe and can be dangerous as well, depending on the method and the professionalism of a plastic surgeon. Here is the list of cons and pros of buttock augmentation surgery:

  • it can improve your confidence
  • it can lead to rounded shaped butt
  • clothes fit better
  • waist looks smaller when your butt is bigger
  • fast results
  • permanent damage
  • can cause swelling, fluid accumulation
  • can lead to fat atrophy and fat necrosis
  • implants can move and cause asymmetry
  • takes a long time to recover and heal


Pills to get a bigger butt fast

There are many booty bill out there nowadays. The companies claim that they will grow you butt very fast if you take these pills. How do they work?

Bigger booty pills contain high amounts of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that help to enhance female curves. Most popular butt enhancement pills contain fish oil and aguaje as well.

Butt enhancement pills are not US FDA regulated, and any of the statements about the pills benefits are not scientifically proven. Although, many women claim that they have benefited from taking those supplements.

Injections to get a bigger butt fast

There is another popular procedure to achieve a desirable big butt – injections. These injections usually contain a mixture of mineral oil, tire sealant and a mixture of cement. Please consult a specialist before getting any of the butt augmentation procedures, because it may be very dangerous for your overall health.


How to make your butt bigger and rounder at home naturally

get a bigger butt fast naturally at homeBalanced diet

Having a balance diet is the key to the development of rounder butt and wide hips. Moreover, ensure that your diet consist of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Hip stretch/Exercises

Stretching and exercising is a great way naturally improve the shape of your buttocks.

Clothing that make your butt look bigger

By wearing the right clothing and footwear, you can make your booty stick out and look better. Yoga pants, heels, smaller pockets on your jeans, high waist pants and skirts will make your booty look bigger and rounder.

Also, try to keep it tight around your waist. The waist-to-hip ratio is important here. If your waist looks smaller, it makes your butt look bigger.

Your clothes can be used not only cover your body, but also complement and enhance your assets. Right clothes will also help to boost your confidence while you’re in the process of growing a bigger butt.


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