People know winter season for one harsh four-letter word-cold. The cold air outside can wreak havoc on your hair. In addition to this, the cold drives you into your homes for warmth, where you face the fireplaces, the electrical heaters, the gas logs, etc. As a result, these two factors alone combined with regular styling are enough to dry any head out in the winter months. But winter hair doesn’t have to look dead and dull. There are solutions to have beautiful hair no matter what season. Mother Nature has planned for you. Simply using natural masks to help with additional moisturization can keep your hair healthy all year long. Moreover, we advise to reduce the amount of times you shampoo and dry your hair each week.

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Importance of Natural Hair Masks in Winter

We all know lack of moisture is what makes hair dry and brittle. Hair masks will protect your hair from the external environment, especially the cold winter air. They also restore hair, make it shinier, silkier and nourish it. How much you use a hair mask will be determined by yourself depending on how your hair is damaged. If your hair is seriously dull and damaged, then you need to use masks at least two to three times per week to get your hair back to its healthy condition. For prevention, only one time per week is enough use.

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Things to Know

Natural hair masks can be made at home and can save you a lot of money. But they can be very damaging to your hair or scalp. Negative results may occur if you do not research ingredients and recipes. That is why, you should know that what you are using has actually been proven to be accurate and has some science behind it. Even when natural ingredients may seem harmless, sometimes when mixed together, they can have the opposite intended effect. So be aware.

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Best Ingredients for Hair Masks

Coconut Oil conditions your hair. But it does need to be raw coconut oil. It makes your hair bouncy. Avocado is full of anti-oxidants and nutrients that will be great for your hair. Oil (Olive Oil) hydrates and conditions your hair. Ripe Bananas are rich in Vitamins A, E, and C, plus potassium and natural oils that will help to strenghten hair follicles. Chamomile helps to enrich the radiant look of your hair and reduces dandruff. Egg yolks and egg whites have been used since the 11th century for hair dryness. The explanation is the protein they contain which is both nourishing to the hair and promotes shine. The high fat content in the egg yolk also helps to promote hair softness. It’s called lecithin.

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Hair Mask Recipes

Raw Coconut Oil: 1/4 cup raw coconut oil

This is as basic as it gets. It’s a perfect way to get moisture back and it actually helps with hair growth as well. But it must be liquid state. Apply to wet or dry hair, It doesn’t matter. Ideally, you will need to be in the shower or bathtub to do this because it can be very messy. Once on, leave it for at least one hour. However, if you plan to walk around doing things with it on your head, put on a shower cap. It will stain whatever it comes into contact with like clothes, linens, etc. After an hour, wash it out of your hair. Make sure to clean the shower or tub really well when finished because coconut oil is very slippery.

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Egg Yolk and Avocado: 1/2 avocado, 2 egg yolks

Mix ingredients well. Afterwards, let it sit on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse out with cool water, not hot and style as usual.

Olive Oil, Honey, Yogurt: 1 Tbsp honey1, tsp olive oil, 1/4 cup yogurt

Mix ingredients well. Let them sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes, then allow to dry.

Egg Yolks and Lemon Juice: 2 egg yolks, 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice

Beat the mixture until it is frothy. Then apply it to your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave on for about 20 minutes. The egg will dry during this time and your hair will feel sticky, but that’s okay. Just rinse it with cool water, not hot once the 20 minutes is up. Rinsing with hot water can cause egg to clump in the hair. Then shampoo and condition as normal. Repeat this once or twice a month.

Egg Whites: 1/2 cup egg whites

Apply to clean, damp hair. After 20 minutes, rinse out with cool water, not hot. Shampoo. Dry, brittle hair is a thing of the past thanks to these natural masks.

With so many options at your fingertips, you now have the power to restore your hair back to its former glory without breaking the bank! Lastly, these masks don’t just make your hair look good, they give your hair long-lasting nutrients at the same time. That is priceless.

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