Making a difference has less to do with your wealth or influence and more to do with you desire to positively impact people around you. Being one of the largest cities in the world, New York offers various charity opportunities that anyone can take part in. Thus, regular people are changing the city one person at a time and you could be part of that change. In fact, some of these charities do not even require you to deviate from your normal schedule as they can seamlessly mesh with it. Are you looking to spark change by taking part in various humanitarian missions? Do you care deeply about New York and are looking for ways to give back to the community? Here is a list of 5 easy charity opportunities in New York that you can participate in!

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This can be anything from money and food to used clothes and toys. Life can be difficult especially in such a large city. While you can easily afford all meals and then some, a family out there is struggling to have one meal a day. While your closet is full of clothes you never really wear, someone out there is struggling to cloth themselves. Remember those toys your kid outgrew? It would be a dream come true to a child out there. What you think is disposable for you might be a blessing to another person. The beauty of taking part in a donation related charity in New York is that you can only give what you can afford! No matter how small the donation is, rest assure that it will make a difference.

Visiting the sick

Being admitted in a hospital for a terminal illness and not have any visitor can be one of the loneliest and saddening experiences. The best part about this type of charity opportunity is that you will barely spend money. All you have to do is spare some of your time and spend time with the sick. Be their guardian angel and give them hope and solace. Live near a children’s hospice? Why don’t you and your friends dress up as superheroes and spend time with the kids? It could be as simple as reading books to the elderly patients or even just being a friend and spending time with them. The little things are the ones that matter most.

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Volunteering with elderly and disabled

This is one of the simplest missions to take part in. Sometimes all the elderly and disabled need is someone to spend time with and help around the house. Why not form a charity that does shopping for them? You love chess? I know a lot of old people who do too! With such a charity in New York, you get to do a good deed and still manage to have fun while at it. You could always spare one day a week to do extensive cleaning for them. Moreover, it could even be as simple as taking their pets out for a walk!

Training and mentoring the youth

It is so easy for the youth to get carried away by the worldly pleasures. In fact, it is always sad seeing a young and promising person throw away their lives though drug abuse or depression. When it comes to the youth, a little guidance and mentoring can go a long way to shaping their future. For this reason, be their guiding hand and let them know that the future is promising. You would be surprised at the positive impact that such a charity in New York can have.

Cleaning up the streets and parks

Are you an environmentalist? Do you believe in making the world a better place one clean park at a time? Then this one is for you! Charities are not necessarily restricted to helping people. The environmental charities are a good option too. To illustrate, you could either donate bins around the city or set aside days in which you clean up the streets and parks.

Are you looking to spark a positive change in New York? All you have to do is look for a charity that would suit you best! From the above list, it is clear that charities are not all about money. Accordingly, you could join a charity based on your passion or work schedule. Be the change New York needs!

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