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We’re ending the year and New Year’s Eve is here. Do you have a plan on where you want to celebrate the New Year’s Eve? If no, New York is there for you! Millions of people dream of visiting this city, because it is an amazing city full of a different kind of fun. If you want to welcome the new year in style, then visit New York. It is a large city, for people who have never been here it can be challenging to know where to begin and where to end your tour. To make sure you welcome 2019 in a different way, I have a compilation of amazing spots in New York for celebrating New Year Eve. Keep reading to know the amazing places to celebrate new year Eve in New York not only in a different way, but also in style.

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Brooklyn Bridge

This is a hybrid bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. In addition, it is the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world. If you want to celebrate your New Year Eve with fireworks and live music, Brooklyn bridge is a one-stop shop for all these. Celebrations start at Grand Army Plaza at 10:30. Besides, fireworks start at midnight, welcoming the new year in a festive way.

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Are you craving for a night with endless drinking and dancing? If yes, then New York has got amazing, flashy, and exciting parties. All you need is to grab a ticket for one of these parties. The Ditty in Astoria which features a three hour open bar and a champagne toast at midnight. Moreover, the Tiki Disco at Le Bain in the Meatpacking District which features posh drinks, Eli Escobar, an amazing view of downtown and plenty of dancing. Also, the BangOn!NYC’s Time + Space NYE in Williamsburg and The House of Yes is a one-stop if you’re looking for a place to dance the whole night.

Biking and running

If you aren’t a New York local, then you must be shocked of what a hell can biking and running at New Year Eve be joyous. Yeah, I mean biking, bike riding and running, because it is extremely joyous as it is done in a different way! The New York Runners’ four-mile Midnight Run in Central Park is there for people like you. The night will commence at 10:00 with music and dancing. Later at midnight running kicks off with hundreds of joggers. If you love biking, sign in for free Year’s Eve Ride’ where you bike from midtown to the lower East side. The start time is at 9:30 p.m at the Plaza Hotel and at 10 p.m at Madison Square Park. The event is later spiced up with an after-party to celebrate your ride at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space.

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Coney Island

This is a new way of celebrating your New Year Eve. Forget about pool nights. Have you ever thought of celebrating your New Year Eve at the beach? It gonna be amazing and exciting. The famous playground will be open overnight and the celebration spiced up with fireworks. It gonna be rocking here and I’m sure you will never miss coming back to this place to celebrate New Year Eves in future.


There are numerous music concerts that take place on 31st December in New York. Among them is the annual tradition concert for music at the Cathedral for St. John the Divine. It features dance, music, and prayers with thousands of guests holding up candles to illuminate the church. New York is a one-stop for music concerts from Lincoln Center to music halls. There are several great shows and concerts happening on this New Year’s Eve.

Boat Cruise

Boat cruise in New York is a fun activity day in day out throughout the year in New York. Although, it is extremely exciting when welcoming a new year in harbors. It features music, dancing, cash bar and dinner buffet to keep you entertained as you await the big moment.

Watch the ball drop in Times Square

Approximately one million people fill the Times Square every year to watch the ball drop at midnight. Get in prepared with clothes and have a big lunch before settling in. You will lose your spot when you start looking for clothes later when it gets cold. You can also come with drinks and snacks but note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

New Year Eve is one of the brightest moments in the year. That is why try to make it unforgettable and visit one of the above-mentioned amazing spots in New York! 

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