Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

‘Who said alcohol?’ asked the dermatologist who my friend was consulting about her dry flaky skin. The look of horror on his face was easy enough for both to see. My friend anxiously tried to snatch back the list of skin care products which she had handed to him, but he was busy going through it muttering the odd word of disapproval here and there. The use of alcohol-based products is the worst skin care advice you can have. In fact, alcohol is going to do more harm than good. It does not matter if you are suffering from acne or wrinkles, the use of alcohol should be strictly limited. Put a bottle of a top skincare product containing alcohol in front of a dermatologist, and he or she may say that you can as well use paint stripper.

It is not only alcohol containing skincare products which will get on your dermatologist’s nerves. The other harmful ingredients in skincare products are parabens. Once again, even top skincare products are packed with parabens. Unfortunately, very few of us know what they are, where they have come from, and what harm they can do.

Parabens are derived from the petrochemical industry and act as preservatives. They can be found in our food and in many skin products. Parabens have made their way into almost anything we come in contact with on a daily basis. Despite the claims of major skincare producers that they are natural, parabens are not a natural substance at all. They are microcrystals which stay on top of your skin and wreak havoc, especially when used in suntan lotions. We are quick to blame the sun for the increased rate of skin cancer.

How to Avoid Both Alcohol and Parabens?

It does not matter if you have oily or dry skin. When you would like to improve the quality of your skin and make it naturally healthier, you better stop using the products containing both parabens and alcohol. Alcohol will further dry out the skin and go on to cause minor skin tears. A wrinkle is a skin tear which has been caused by the natural loss of collagen in the skin. Both parabens and alcohol speed up the loss of collagen in the skin.

How to Treat Wrinkles and Skin Conditions Naturally?

Most of the time, our wrinkles are down to lifestyle and the products we use on our skin. It may be time to put aside top range skin care products and go for natural options instead. Find out how you can nourish and feed your skin. One of the best things you can do is to add the right foods for glowing skin to your diet.

Scandinavian women are often known for their great looking skin. They love the sun so why do they have fewer wrinkles? Oats make up a good part of the Scandinavian diet. Oatmeal is normally eaten first thing in the morning, and oats are added to other foods such as bread. This simple food can help the skin to retrain and improve moisture levels. Once moistened, it forms a gel which is similar to collagen and will help to improve skin quality from the inside out.

Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

This magical chemistry reaction has been discovered by skin care manufacturers, and we are seeing an increasing amount of oat-based products hit the market. Do they work? Try an oat-based soap and see how soft your skin is a week later. Oats can even help to protect you against the harmful effects of alcohol and parabens found in other products. The best skin care advice would be to use products which work with your skin not against it.

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