10 Exercises You Can Do Without Getting Out Of Bed

bed workout

Do you often find it difficult to get out of bed to exercise? For many, repeatedly hitting the snooze button on the alarm is the default action. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you cannot get out of bed to exercise, why don’t you do it right there? There are several exercises you can do in the comfort of your bed. Here are best exercises to start your morning bed workout with!

1. Push Ups

In your daily workout routine, you should include this bed workout to strengthen your arms, mid-section, and core. Place your toes or knees and hands on either side of the bed. Make sure the arms are fully extended and your back is straight. Slowly bend the arms while lowering your chest towards the bed. Extend so that you are in the first position. Do several reps, ideally 25.

2. Toe Touches

This bed workout is done while lying on your back. Lift your legs to the ceiling and raise your arms flat behind your head. Basically, you should make an L-shape. Reach out with your hands vertically and touch the toes. You should field some crunching in the abs as you do so. Slowly return to the original L-shape. Do a minimum of 20 reps.

3. Inner Thigh Lifts

Lying on your right side, support your head using the right arm. With your left leg bent, place the right foot over the right leg. Using the inner thigh, lift the right leg, with the foot flexed. Nothing huge, just some tiny pulses without bringing your leg to the bed between pulses. On each side, do at least 30 reps.

4. Outer Thigh Lifts

bed workout

Lying on your right side, support your head using the right arm. Ensure the legs remain stacked, the left on top of the right. In slow motion, lift the left leg to an angle of 60 degrees from the bed. Gradually release it back towards the bed and ensure it doesn’t touch your right leg before you complete the reps cycle. On each side, do at least 30 reps.

5. Scissor Kicks

This is another bed workout for the legs and thighs. Lie flat on the back and place the arms to the sides or under the lower back. Lift the legs together to an angle of 45 degrees and drop the right leg as you raise the left. Then raise the right and drop the left. That will complete one rep. You need at least 20 reps without resting the legs on the bed.

6. Butterfly Crunches

Lie on your back and support your head with your arms. Press your heels together and your thighs apart. Slightly lift your legs so that you feel comfortable about it. Crunch up slowly and then release back towards the bed. Do at least 25 reps.

7. Plank

bed workout

Try this bed workout to add strength to your arms and abs. assume the push-up position and support yourself in the forearms. You should basically feel your weight on the toes and forearms. Align the elbows to the shoulders and lift your body so that it is straight from head to the heels. For 20 seconds, remain in that position before resting for 30 seconds. 3 reps will do.

8. Jack Knife

For this bed workout, you will start by lying down, arms above the head and legs in a straight position. Lift the legs and arms until they meet before slowly releasing down. For this workout, 15 reps are enough.

9. Sit Ups

Sit-ups are great for exercising your core. Lie down on your back with your head held in your arms. Slowly bring your torso to a sitting position and back. You may want to include some bicycle moves to up the challenge. 20 reps are enough for this bed workout.

10. Stretching

bed workout

As part of your workout routine, you should incorporate stretching. You can stretch in different ways including touching your toes, several upward and downward dogs, and stretching your arms above the head. That should ideally happen soon after the workout. Be careful not to overextend since you could risk hurting yourself.

Who said you have to get out of bed to work out? Now you have no excuse not to exercise.

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