Cozy Vacations in Najac, France

Vacation in Najac
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Najac is a medieval village in France. It is located on a relatively steep hill and encircled by River Aveyron in the French region of Midi-Pyrénées. On the other hand, Najac town is located within the township of Najac, which is part of the Villefranche-de-Rouergue district. Moreover, the best thing about Najac is that it is very easily accessible by air, as well as road. For instance, it is close to nine airports, two of which are major airports. Ideally, the closest airport to this area is Albi-Le Séquestre Airport, which is 36km to the south. From here you can access Najac through its robust road network that reaches to the remotest areas of the region. This helps in ensuring that you travel in Najac with ease.

Najac is popular among tourists because of its authenticity, heritage and quiet vacations. Moreover, the village stretches along a single street.  Najac village in particular is among France’s most beautiful villages due to its numerous tourist attractions and breath-taking sceneries. Notably, the village became the central part of several movies.

Why Najac is Popular

Beautiful Verfeil-sur-Seye Sites

If you are looking for the best site for tourism and sightseeing, this would be the best place to visit. Verfeil is a fortified bastide that was built during the medieval period. It is a small yet attractive village.  Houses here were built using stone or with half-timbered walls and wooden shutters that are red, blue or green. These colors are common to the whole area. Right at the center of this village you will find a stone pillared hall. It is surrounded by various stone buildings, including attractive arched arcades. Close to this you will find a church with the 17th century wooden altarpiece that is painted gold.

Saint Pierre Church, Najac

Tourism and Sightseeing in Varen

Varen is a well-fortified commune in Tarn-et-Garonne department.  It is 10 km from Najac village. Varen has a small yet interesting historic center. While here, you will find an important historic monument- the Chateau du Doyenne. It was built in the fifteenth century with a round tower used to look out for enemy troops. You will also see the 10th century Saint Pierre Church, which was initially used as part of the town’s defense. In addition, do not forget the beautiful river Aveyron.


It is in 17 kilometers from Najac, situated in the South-Eastern part of the Tarn-et-Garonne. This is another great site to visit. It is a strategically located spot that will give you a nice view of the surrounding countryside. At its heart you will see the main square with a 16th century market hall. Lower down Caylus you will find the 14th century House of Wolves, which is a great historic monument.

Cozy Vacations

The best thing about touring Najac is that it has a range of modern facilities including hotels, motels, restaurants and holiday rental houses that are designed with every amenity you would need while you are on vacation. These are usually equipped with everything from satellite or cable television, modern entertainment units, cozy beds, high-speed internet, cookers, dyers, kettles, grills, heaters, and fire places. Most of them also have ample parking, gyms and even spas to keep you relaxed after a long and tiresome day. For instance, while in Najac, you will find topnotch hotels like Hotel La Metairie, and Hotel La Gambetta, restaurants like Relais Mont Le Viaur or rental houses like Aux Volets Bleus which always strive to ensure that their clients have cozy vacations.

Chateau de Doyenne

Some of the Interesting Activities to Engage in While There

a.Water Sports. If you are the kind of person who values outdoor activities, canoeing and kayaking are some of the water sporting activities that you could engage in while in Najac. You can sail under tree branches that have joined to form a beautiful canopy that will give you the sensation of being right in the middle of nature.

b.Hiking, Biking and Horse Riding. Najac also has an environment that is suitable for biking, hiking and horseback riding. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or walker, the region has nice streams and river banks, as well as woods for you to traverse as you explore nature.

c.Fairs and Festivals. There are also a range of fairs and festivals that are observed by the native inhabitants of this area that you could engage in. This include the Estivada, Rodez- a significant celebration of the very unique Occitan culture which is common to Italy, Spain and France. It also involves music, songs, literature, and theatre among others.

Other things you can do while you are in Najac include: sightseeing, paintball, rafting, and accrobranche among many others. If you are looking for the best place to visit during your vacation trip to France, Najac should not miss in your list.

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