Mobile App Trends for Business in 2019

Mobile app trends for business in 2019
Charlz Gutierrez de Pineres

Today technology and IT sphere have a considerable influence on other spheres.This is due the number of advantages that IT industry provides. For every business to prosper and excel no matter the field, it must integrate technology into its operations. One of the many amazing things technology has brought to us is mobile apps. We can accordingly do a lot with our smartphones. Being aware of mobile app trends for business in 2019  will help you to be in course of all upcoming updates. Thus, you’ll be able to increase your productivity and efficiency with ease. Currently, there are different categories of mobile apps. In turn, those specifically developed for businesses are called Business Apps or Productive Apps.

Business apps are further classified into two: Marketing and business management apps. Marketing apps are used to create awareness and inform potential customers about the brands and products you offer. Marketing apps are nothing but social media platforms. Management apps are used to keep track of business activities. They help automate some business operations. Business management apps have not yet gained popularity despite their amazing benefits.

2019 is here, what are your new strategies to make your business profitable? For better performance this year mobile apps will not only increase your sales, but also help make things more simple on your side when it comes to management. Here is a list of some of these mobile apps you can’t afford to miss. Surely, you want your business to develop to another level and still do something different from your competitors to remain the king on the market. These Apps that will give you a smart, efficient and cost-effective way to run your business.

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I couldn’t manage to have it listed elsewhere, but at the top of the must-have mobile apps for your business list. It is an accounting app that helps you automate some business transactions with your smartphone. It is loaded with an invoice generator that allows you to track invoice sent in multiple currencies. Additionally, you will know who owes you, how much is owed, and who has paid you.

You can easily add new customers and contact them. It allows you to review your bank transactions and add them to your accounting records. Also this app gives you an analysis of your income and expenses to help. Accordingly, you will be aware of where you’re making and spending money. It also allows you to customize invoices and receipts with your logos with ease. Quickbook is a premium app and requires you to subscribe to their services by paying $10 per month for every user. You have a 30 days free trial period that allows you to use the app freely to test whether it suits your needs.


TSheets is one of the best time tracking mobile apps currently available. It keeps track of your employees using their smartphones. It helps get rid of manual time entry. With its ‘Who is working’ feature, you can see where your employees are located and what they are working on. It has an in-app Scheduling feature that helps you assign jobs, drag and drop shifts. Moreover, it automatically sends alerts to managers when an employee has not reported to work as assigned. The app is super easy to use both on Android and PC. It is a cheaper alternative of geofencing as it can even work without cell or internet. Tsheets only requires you to subscribe with $25 and $5 for every additional user.

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Zoho One

It is a great business app that gives access to many business administration tools at a flat rate of $30 per user per month. It enables you to add new users, assign roles, apps, create groups, formulate security policies and many more using your smartphone. The admin gets real-time requests for passwords resetting, apps and other notifications from the entire organization. Zoho One also covers web conferencing, helpdesk ticketing, social media management, project management, inventory management, payroll, reporting, sales mail client, presentation tools and many more.

WhatsApp Business

Communication is the key to business growth. WhatsApp Business allows you to communicate with your customers on WhatsApp. With the WHATSAPP WEB feature, you can respond to your customers using your computer browser. You can also use the “Paid”, “Order Complete”, “Pending Payment”, “New Order”, “New Customer” and customize more labels to organize customers and chats. It has an Away Message feature that automatically replies customers chats when you’re away with a message to let them know you will be back to them. The Away and Greetings messages are customizable.

Moon Invoice

It is an invoicing and accounting mobile app. It allows you to generate invoices for multiple businesses, accept invoices, get account outstanding and payment details. Besides, you can manage product stock in store, capture time logs and also configure different taxes for different companies and items.

Do not forget to download the above-mentioned apps and be in course of updated apps for your business. At the end, you will more quickly advance your business and achieve the higher level.

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