Sedentary Lifestyle is Bad for Your Spine. Tips to Prevent Spine Injuries

sedentary lifestyle spine issues
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Sedentary Lifestyle is Bad for Your Spine. Tips to Prevent Spine Injuries

Nowadays many individuals are bound to work seated in front of their laptops eight or more hours a day. Recent studies have shown a number of problems associated with the sedentary lifestyle, especially backbone and spine injuries.

According to research carried out by the American Chiropractic Association, 80 percent of individuals working on the computer and in a busy routine suffer from spine problem at some point in their lifetime.

For individuals who spend most of their time seated, it is vital to know the dangers of sitting for too long. Keep reading to learn how to prevent spine from a damage.

Why Sitting For a Long Time Is So Dangerous For Our Spines?

Sedentary Lifestyle is Bad for Your Spine
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Sitting deforms and worsens back pain because of increased stiffness and weakened muscles. It deforms the natural spine curve, causing various spine injuries. Here are some of the bad effects:

Backbone Disks Hernia – Due to the increased pressure on your back and spine, disks are more probable to become herniated.

Ache In Back Muscles – ­Spending most time of the day seated in one position leads to the stiffen muscles. It also weakens the tie between the muscles and decreases the blood and oxygen circulation to the muscle cells.

Squeezed Back Nerves. ­ As it was with the hernia, extra pressure also can pinch the nerves if muscles stay in one position for long time day after day.

Overweight.  Along with the direct effects that a desc-bound lifestyle causes to our spine, it also affects overall health condition as a whole. Due to the lack of movement and exercise, sedentary lifestyle leads to the obesity and therefore to the lumbar discs bulging, and disc and facet joint pain.

Main Factors That Cause Spine Pain. Ways To Prevent Your Spine From Injuries

There is a number of the factors that cause pain in your back:

Uncomfortable Chairs.  A better chair is the one that helps you sitting straight with your laps and hips put together. It should help your elbows lay on the table while not letting you bond forward. Sitting on the wrong and uncomfortable chair for a long time will help to exert more pressure onto the spine. So, make sure your chair is neither too low, not too high, and comfortable for you.

Sedentary Lifestyle is Bad for Your Spine.Improper Sitting Position. Using proper and comfortable chair will not help an individual’s back if they sit in an improper posture. Spine is naturally designed to be in an upright/straight position. Otherwise, slouching will develop along with the various spine injuries. Make sure to sit straight with your spine pushed to the back of the chair or just in straight position to increase support of your back muscles.

Lack Of Movement.  To prevent back pain at the work-place one should try to shift their position every hour to help stretch out your back and better a blood circulation. Making simple stretches while sitting will reduce the pressure on the body and help muscles stay more lissome.

Pain Is An Indicator. Don’t Ignore It !

Exercises help spine pain relief
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At first, sedentary lifestyle seems very comfortable and with the time it feels alright to move less and less as our body gets used to the comfort. In reality, however, body’s condition will suffer from sitting all day long and eventually will make a person feel worse.

Spine pain causes may not turn into a problem by adopting rather simple safety measures listed above and remembering the importance of movement:

Exercising.  The discomfort we feel due to the weakened muscles discourage us from willing to exercise these very same affected muscles. Feeling of being tired after work makes us think more about resting other than of an exercise. We’ve all been there. But the more we turn this kind of lifestyle into our habit, the more our body suffers. Exercising is very important for the body, it increases our blood flow and tones up our muscles.

walkingSmall Walk.  A small walk before getting to work or after lunch will not take much time but will make a huge difference for your mood and heath.

To summarize, sedentary lifestyle can be really bad for your spine.

Ignoring the back pain is a big NO. Very often, we are not able to realize the great amount of injury to our spine since it is a long term problem and we cannot observe direct and instant damages to the spine.

Oftentimes, it requires us to realize that reversing the habits will make us more productive and happy. Investing more time in keeping spine in a healthy condition will pay us back with more strength to accomplish our goals, better mood and longer life.

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