10 Steps to Prevent Wrinkles

10 steps to prevent wrinkles

10 steps to prevent wrinkles

The word wrinkles brings chills to every woman who is cautious about her appearance. They might look cute on puppies but they are bad news for every woman.

The inner layer of our face skin (dermis) has collagen. Collagen decreases with age, hence it results in skin losing its elasticity and smoothness, and it becomes saggy. And that saggy skin results in wrinkles.

We cannot stop growing older yet, but we can definitely minimize the skin damage and wrinkles. All we have to do is to follow some tested steps to prevent wrinkles.

At What Age Should I Start Worrying about Wrinkles?

Research carried out by CACI Microlift in UK shows that women start using anti-aging products from the age of 21 and start worrying about wrinkles from the age of 24. The question arises, whether it is the right practice. The answer is yes, it is. Human body starts aging from the age of 20. And the phenomenon of using anti-aging products or treatments is about future skin damage limitations and not the age reversal!

anti-aging treatment20 year old girls don’t need to use hardcore anti-aging products. Instead, just having healthy habits is good enough. Though, this is not the same in case of 40-year-old women.

Along with having healthy habits, they need to pay extra attention to their cosmetics. Actually, it starts with using the right serum carrying a great number of antioxidants. A serum acts as a layer between your face skin and makeup. Cheap or wrong products may damage your skin and even accelerate the aging process.

What are the Measures that Can Be Taken to Prevent Wrinkles?

There are so many factors that cause wrinkles. And taking care of all of them can be difficult. But there are certain things you can follow on the first-hand basis to prevent wrinkles at young age.

Taking care of your face skin and eating healthy food can definitely keep the wrinkles away for a long time. Moreover, avoiding the entire stress and anxiety is also important.

Keep in mind that you have to be extra careful in acne treatment if you have any. The efficiency of these practices is achieved with time.

In meantime, here are 10 steps to prevent wrinkles. 

10 Steps to Prevent Wrinkles

wrinkle preventionDrink water and a lot of it

This is the very first, very obvious, and very easy step to follow. Water keeps your body hydrated and nourishes the skin tissues.

Get that beauty sleep

Never underestimate the positive effect of sleep to your organism. If you won’t get necessary 8-9 hours of rest for your body daily, you are going to look way older in your 20’s and later.

Don’t sleep on one side for a long time

Having enough sleep is important, though you need to be extra careful with your position and posture while sleeping as well.

Always try to sleep on your back. Avoid sleeping on one side or with your face pressed against the pillow for a long time. As it causes sleep lines and if you keep doing this, they can turn into wrinkles in short period of time.

Have calcium and vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C increases the collagen production and protects our skin from the UV rays. On the other hand, calcium is responsible for skin rejuvenation.

Use a good moisturizer

Always use a good quality moisturizer and make sure to apply it on your face every night before going to bed. The ability of the skin to absorb the active ingredients is higher at night. So, make the most of your bedtime to nourish your skin.

Exercise daily

This one is obvious among all the other steps to prevent wrinkles. All you need to do is 30 minutes of exercise daily and that includes outdoor activities. Don’t forget to do facial exercises as well. 

Use the right cosmetics

Not all cleansers, moisturizers, and other cosmetics have anti-aging ingredients. After the age of 40, you need to be extra careful with your cosmetics. Before buying any product, make sure they have the right ingredients for your need.

Take care of your teeth

This one might seem far-fetched but your teeth can indeed be a reason behind your wrinkles. Damaged teeth can rot and then poison your body (not in a deadly manner) and it has an effect on your facial tissues.

Use sunscreen

We cannot always avoid the sun but we can always use sunscreen to protect us. Along with protecting us from painful sunburns and skin cancer, sunscreen is also responsible to prevent photo-aging.

Follow a balanced diet

Poor nutrition is another major reason that causes wrinkles. Accordingly, having a balanced diet is a great way to prevent the negative effects of aging.

By following these easy steps, you can help your skin stay healthy and youthful-looking longer.

How to Treat Wrinkles and Skin Conditions Naturally?

Most of the time, our wrinkles are down to lifestyle and the products we use on our skin. It may be time to put aside top range skin care products and go for natural options instead. Find out how you can nourish and feed your skin. One of the best things you can do is to add the right foods for glowing skin to your diet.

Scandinavian women are often known for their great looking skin. They love the sun so why do they have fewer wrinkles? Oats make up a good part of the Scandinavian diet. Oatmeal is normally eaten first thing in the morning, and oats are added to other foods such as bread. This simple food can help the skin to retrain and improve moisture levels. Once moistened, it forms a gel which is similar to collagen and will help to improve skin quality from the inside out.

Harmful Ingredients in Skincare Products

This magical chemistry reaction has been discovered by skin care manufacturers, and we are seeing an increasing amount of oat-based products hit the market. Do they work? Try an oat-based soap and see how soft your skin is a week later.

Oats can even help to protect you against the harmful effects of alcohol and parabens found in other products. The best skin care advice would be to use products which work with your skin not against it.

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