5 Best No Equipment Workout Exercises to do at Home

5 Best No Equipment Workout Exercises

5 Best No Equipment Workout Exercises to do at Home

Nowadays there is plenty of gyms and everyone has an opportunity to go there to work out.  However, some people prefer staying at home and doing exercises there. It might happen due to bad weather or absence of time.

This article provides you a set of no equipment workout exercises you can do right in your apartment. You will an opportunity to do effective and efficient workout without going outside, or buying expensive equipment.

While reading this article, you’re going to find additional information on what are the advantages of no equipment workout at home. The workout exercises presented below are mainly concentrated to tone up your arms, legs, and abs. Get ready and start!

Advantages of the workout at home

We all know that going to the gym is not necessary for being fit. Some people prefer doing their workouts at home. There is number of advantages of that option too.

First of all, you do your workout any time, and in the conditions that are good for you. You can be listening to your favorite music, audio book, or you may be watching your favorite TV show at the same time as working out at home.

If you’re a parent and have an infant, for instance, you can workout near your baby, keeping an eye on your baby at the same time.

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Another advantage is that you don’t have to pay any membership fees to workout at home. You can spend that money on other things you enjoy. On top of that, you can save a lot of your precious time, because you don’t have to commute to a gym.

Moreover, if you workout at home, your home-gym is open 24 hrs a day, and you can be flexible with your schedule. In addition, after your workout, you get to use your own shower with your favorite toiletries, instead of using a public shower.

Here are some best no-equipment exercises you can do at home:

5 Best No Equipment Workout Exercises to do at Home

1. X Squat 

This exercise strengthens your joints, ligaments and tendons around the knee and hips.

  1. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. 2. Straighten your arms and lift them up. 3. Then, lower your right hand to your left foot and touch your toe. 4. When you do this, bend your knees, with back straight. 5. After, straighten up again. Lower your left hand to your right leg and touch your toe.


2. Static Lunge

Static Lunge stretches and strengthens your lower body muscles.

  1. To start, put your right leg forward and put your hands on your hips. Left leg remains slightly behind. 2. In this position, squat on the right leg, bending it in the knee. While doing this, your body is slightly moving forward. 3. Thus, the left leg is bent in the knee as well. 4. Squat 10 times. 5. Then expose forward the left leg, and the right leave a little behind. Repeat the squat at least 10 times.


3. Commando 

This exercise is probably the most efficient in the list of the 5 Best No Equipment Workout Exercises.

Commando exercise strengthens your core. It also helps improve your posture and balance. This exercise makes your body stronger overall.

  1. First, take a push-up pose. The back is straight, support of the body should be on the palm and on the toes. 2. Spread your legs less than shoulder-width apart, and your arms should be straight. 3. Then bend your right arm and place your right elbow on the floor. 4. Following the right arm, bend your left arm and place your left elbow on the floor. As a result, you have the whole body rest on both elbows. 5. After that, straighten your left hand, then the right one, taking the starting position. 6. Then, start the next repetition with your right arm. That is, bend your right arm and lean on the right elbow. And then bend your left arm.


4. Lay- down push- ups

Lay-down push-ups stretch and strengthen your chest, triceps and also deltoids (triangular muscles located on the uppermost part of the arm and the top of the shoulder).

  1. Lie on the floor belly down. 2. Place your feet shoulder width apart and straighten your arms forward. 3. Then bend your elbows and do a push-up. 4. Afterwards, again, lie belly down and straighten your arms forward, taking the starting position.


5. X Crunch

This exercise works well on your abdominals. It strengthens the core muscles, improves the posture. This exercise also increases mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

  1. At the beginning, lie back with your hands behind your head. The legs should be bent at the knees and located on the shoulder width. 2. Then, pull the right elbow as close to the left knee as possible and return to the starting position. 3. Then tighten the left elbow to the right knee. After that, take the starting position again.

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