Top 10 Free Home Workout Apps

free home workout apps

Top 10 Free Home Workout Apps

Exercising at home despite all its benefits comes with some challenges; as there is no instructor, you may struggle to know which workout is perfect for you. Also, you can easily become complacent as no one is monitoring your achievements.

However with the help of these workout apps, you can quickly eliminate these challenges to achieve the best results. We have compiled the list of the best ten home workout apps for your use, and guess what? They are absolutely free.

10 Free Home Workout Apps

best fitness app1. Home Workout

It’s no surprise that this workout app is the first name in the list. Home Workout has various training plans such as full body challenge, and for other parts of the body. It enables you to set goals as an expert, intermediate or beginner. Download here.

free home workout apps2. 7-minute workout

Do you have a very tight schedule that you can only spare just 7 minutes of our day?  Then 7-minute workout one of the most heralded workout apps is right for you.

According to New York Times, it was described as having a maximum result with minimal investment, and you can do the exercise anywhere with no equipment. Download here.

best fitness app3. Six Packs Abs Workout 30 days Fitness

Perfect for people seeking to lose belly fat, six pack abs is suitable for all exercise levels. It can be easily used in the comfort of your home and even while on the move. With this excellent workout app, getting enviable six packs can’t get any easier. Download here.

free home workout apps4.Daily Exercises

As the name implies, this daily exercises is made for those who fancy flat tummy and have a few minutes of their time to dedicate every day. You can easily set goals and pursue it on a daily basis following the many exercises embedded in this free home workout app. Download here.

free home workout apps5. Lose weight in 30 days

With lose weight in 30 days, you have the combination of exercises and the perfect diet plans to achieve weight loss. This workout app was developed explicitly for home use, and incorporate a daily increase of a load of training. Download here.

best fitness tracker

best free fitness app6.Buttocks workout

Primarily made for the women, buttocks workout will train your butt and legs to be firmer and sexier. It leverages scientific approach in sculpting toned legs and a tighter butt. Buttocks workout app is not only for women, men can use it as well. Download here.

best free fitness app7. 30 days fitness challenge

Fitness challenge was developed by home workout specialists, and it’s a highly rated home workout app that delivers an effective training program for all users regardless of the level of expertise. Within 30 days, you will achieve the best result if you strictly follow the guidelines provided by the workout app. Download here.

best free fitness app8. Female fitness women workout

Female fitness women workout will get you a perfect bikini body if you can commit as little as 7 minutes a day. Get rid of belly fat in no time! This fantastic workout app grants you toned butt, and also trimmed waistline, and better body shape without spending on expensive slimming pills with no lasting result. Download here.

best free fitness app9. Stretching Exercise – Flexibility Training

Are you always stuck at your desk? Do you develop back pains from bad postures? Then stretching exercise will set your body into motion, alleviate pains and reduce body tension. With 2-3 times per week; you can get a more flexible body with this workout app and enjoy a healthier life. Download here.

best free fitness app10. Nike Training Club

What better ways to gain strength, mobility, and endurance than having free access to 185+ workouts? Whether you are an elite sportsperson or a newbie, Nike Training Club is an effective workout app that gives you personalized training and gives you flexible schedules. Download here.

Benefits of exercising at home

free home workout apps

The ultimate goals of exercise or workout are to make us fit, live a healthy life and increase our lifespan. However, the at-home workout has distinctive advantages over outdoor exercise.

Here are some of the benefits:

1.Affordability: unless you choose to buy some equipment to enhance your training, the home workout can be completely free

2.Improved time management: You are in perfect control of your time with home exercise. You don’t have to travel miles or get stuck in traffic looking for a gym.

3.Self-paced: You do the exercise at your own pace, no hassle, no pressure

4.Flexibility: Whether it is daytime or in the night, home exercise can be done at your convenient time. You don’t have to stick to a particular time of the day.

best fitness tracker

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