How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

Putting things off until a later date or time is one of the most common self-sabotaging habits you can have. Most people, fortunately, realize that they have this problem. However, while they would like to turn over a new leaf, few of them know where to begin.

So, here are some simple steps to help you kick the procrastination habit. You will live much more productive life if you can do it.

Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating

1. Do what you are passionate about 

One of the main reasons we put things off is because we know we will not enjoy doing them. So, you might not be a procrastinator per se, but rather someone who has to do things they would rather not do. Therefore, if procrastinating is the reason you keep falling behind on your work, odds are that you are in the wrong profession.

What you need is to seek a job that you are passionate about, and you might be surprised to see your procrastination come to a stop. Generally, when you have to do things you love, you will usually be very eager to do them, make an effort to get them done in spite of the challenges, and even regret missing out of them.

how to stop procrastinating2. Don’t be too hard on yourself

If you know you have a procrastination problem, but have a wrong attitude about, then it might get worse.

Feelings of guilt and other negative emotions tend to distract you from doing what you are supposed to be doing. For this reason, such sentiments only add to the time you waste, exacerbating your procrastination problem.

So, while you should accept that you have a procrastinating problem, don’t let it get you down or get you mad, since this will only make the problem worse. That is because you might end up putting things off until you feel better, which is something you have to avoid.

3. Start Small then work your way up

If you are getting into a new activity, for instance, gym workouts, you should start out small to avoid falling into the procrastination trap. That is because if you spend an hour in the gym on the first day, you will find it harder to spend another hour in the gym at the next session; which will often result in you putting it off until a later time.

So, make sure that you start small. Generally, start new activities in a way that does not seem too demanding or too disruptive to your current schedule.

For instance, if you want to start reading more, don’t plan on reading half of the book the first day. In fact reading a page or two will do better, as this will take a few minutes. From there, you can establish a natural momentum, a regular routine and have some passion towards the activity so that you avoid procrastinating.

how to stop procrastinatingHow to Stop Procrastinating?

4. Focus on the bigger picture

Often times, the things you are putting off have a huge and positive impact on your future.

For instance, spending time with your kids will translate into a richer and closer family relationship in future. So, even if this might take a little effort on your part, and give you the urge to procrastinate, you will know that the effort will pay off handsomely in future.

So, whenever you feel like you are about to put off something until a later time, think about the benefits it will give you if you make the effort to do it. If you are trying to start saving, think about the financially secure future that will come out of the effort.

Looking at the bigger picture can even make you relish the activity you are trying to put off.

5. Make reasonable deadlines

Sometimes we procrastinate because we know there is no way we are going to meet a certain deadline.

For instance, if you have a small project, you might put it off. Usually it happens when the project deadline you had in mind seems unreasonable.

Therefore, try to make proper deadlines based on realities about your schedule. You can even make multiple deadlines. This way, you missing the first one does not force you to put off the activity until you have more time for it.

How to Stop Procrastinating is a very common question people try to find the answers to. In fact, many people fall into the procrastination trap, but they can get themselves out of this pitfall.

As soon as you recognize that you are putting things off, make sure you have already made the first step in fighting procrastination.

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