Benefits of Burpees – Why You Should be Doing Burpees

Benefits of Burpees

Benefits of Burpees – Why You Should be Doing Burpees

Burpees are one of the best body-weight exercises that involve muscles of our full body. They do not require additional equipment and can be done anywhere. Moreover, in a short frame of time, burpees help to get in shape. With the help of burpees, we can gain strength and improve our conditioning and endurance.

However, not everybody likes burpees. Because, burpees are known to be energy consuming and often considered as a hard form of workout. That is why some athletes do not include burpees to their workout routine. Hence, if you have not done physical activities for a long time, burpees may be a bit overwhelming for you. Please take it into consideration.

How to Do Burpee

  1. Start in a standing position and keep your feet on the same width as your shoulders
  2. Squat and put your hands on the ground in front of you.
  3. Kick your feet back simultaneously and get into front plank
  4. Do a push up (this step can be skipped)
  5. Go back to second position by jumping your feet back
  6. Jump into the air as high as you can and clap your arms before coming back to the ground
  7. Once you landed on the ground, repeat the steps starting from the first one.

You may take a look at video instructions below:

Benefit of Burpee 1 – Full Body Workout

By doing burpee, you involve almost all muscles in your body as you work on shoulders, chest, core, arms, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Thus, you can choose single burpee exercise instead of multiple exercises that are aimed only for one or two muscle groups. After few repetitions you will feel how muscles in your body are being engaged, and how much energy is being consumed.

Moreover, there are several variations of burpee in which you may include or skip certain steps to personalize it for your needs. For example, when you get to plank position, you may either do pushup to work on your chest and triceps, or you can simply skip doing pushups. You may also try completing the repetitions faster to give yourself an additional challenge.

benefits of burpee

Benefit of Burpee 2 – Better Conditioning and Endurance

Regular practice of burpees improves endurance and conditioning. If you are planning to take part in sport activities that require high levels of stamina, then you should think of including burpees for your preparation.

If you consistently practice few minutes of burpees a day, you will notice significant enhancement of your endurance.

Benefit of Burpee 3 – Gain Strength

One of the main benefits of burpees is that these exercises make your whole body stronger. As we already stated, burpees make you work almost all your muscles by following several steps. You have to squat, pushup and jump.

By doing all the steps properly, you will strengthen your arms, legs, abdominals, core, chest. In turn, additional strength gives you an ability to accomplish daily activities with ease.


Benefits of Burpees 4 – Lose Weight

Intense practice of burpee drastically increases heart rate and causes in high rate of calorie expenditure. Consequently, intense trainings speed up metabolism and help to lose weight by burning body fat.

Hence, burpee can be a good option if you are planning to get rid of extra weight. In fact, by doing burpees, one can lose weight up to 50% faster compared to other strength building exercises.

Benefits of Burpees 5 – Practice at any Suitable Place

One of the major benefits of burpees is that they do not require special equipment or place. In other words, we can do burpees anywhere. For example, we can perform burpees at home, at the office, or at the park.

Furthermore, if we are on a business trip or just traveling around the world, we can do burpees in a hotel room, for instance.

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