Alternatives to Running with the Same Benefits

alternatives to running

Alternatives to Running with the Same Benefits

Running or jogging is one of the most favored cardio workouts, due to many benefits it gives, such as burning calories, improving cardiovascular health and reducing body fat.

However, sometimes we may lose motivation to run. It might be due to a recent injury, or simply we might be just bored with running and want to mix it up a little bit.

In addition, many famous personal fitness trainers agree that doing the same workout routine all the time may be less efficient.

In this article we will list alternatives to running that can give you the same benefits.


Alternative to Running – Skipping

alternatives to running - skipping the ropeSkipping allows you to build agility, power and speed for your legs since it adds strength to the lower body.

Skipping burns approximately fifteen calories per minute depending on how fit you are and the intensity you apply. It helps to increase your endurance and coordination, which you can translate to running as well.

To keep it interesting, you can take turns with a workout partner. You can also mix up-tempo, and try different challenges like one-footed jumps. You only need a rope for this exercise, which you can buy from fitness stores.


Alternative to Running – Swimming

swimming benefitsSwimming is an excellent substitute for running and an superb starter to your cardio routine.

Regular exercises of swimming can push your cardiovascular system and body to the highest level without having a direct effect on joints which makes it ideal for runners recovering from an injury.

Moreover, you can increase your Vo2 max by ten per cent if you swim for about ten weeks, for one hour thrice a week. Apart from that, swimming is also proper resistance training as it targets every muscle in your upper body.

You can purchase devices to help you float if you are not a good swimmer. Another option could be getting a private trainer to help you with your exercise. Aquatic aerobics and lap swimming help in burning calories and increase heart-pumping rate. Swimming also tones the arms and shoulders.

Alternative to Running – Rowing

alternatives to running rowing exerciseRowing is a low impact cardio exercise that aims the back, quads, core, butt, hamstring, arms, and shoulders. You can also exercise the abs, triceps, and biceps muscles in a continuous motion and action hence keeping your heart pumping.

For this exercise, you will need a rowing machine, which is available at most fitness facilities and gyms. Hence, you do not have to buy your own. You can sign up to a rowing class or seek help from a gym instructor to maximize your workout success.

Alternative to Running – Cycling

cycling benefitsCycling is a low impact exercise compared to running but has the same impact on the cardiovascular system and the lungs. It serves both the need to shed extra calories and to build power and muscles in the thighs, butt, and legs.

Stationery bikes allow you to work out indoors at home or in the gym.

As opposed to running, cycling is known to be knee friendly exercise. By purchasing a good bike, you will be able to change the speed, stance, and intensity. Cycling allows you to cover a longer distance than running hence increasing your workout time and capacity.

You can ride to work or to the store thus incorporating your workout with daily chores and routine. However, you will need to buy an additional equipment such as mountain or road bike, protective glasses, clothes and a helmet.

Alternatives to Running – Circuit Training

alternatives to runningCircuit training is a fun way of exercising where you combine jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, and jump squats to keep your heart racing. It is an excellent way to lose fat and tone the whole body.

You can come up with a simple exercises that you are comfortable with and use a timer to switch them in quick succession with little to no rest.

Circuit training engages all the body muscles. Moreover, it serves as both cardio and strength training hence saving you plenty of workout time. You do not need to purchase any distinctive equipment for circuit training.

Alternatives to Running – Walking

walking is a good exerciseWalking is beneficial in losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels and controlling hypertension.

However, you may need to walk for twice the amount of time you would have used to run to achieve the same results. Furthermore, walking uphill increases cardiovascular aspect and tones the butt.

You can use a treadmill for walking if you do not want to go outside. Most treadmills can incline to about twelve per cent, which can be quite as challenging as running.

You should not let your inability to run put you at the risk of being physically unfit and exposing you to heart-related conditions. There are numerous ways to achieve the same effect as running even in the comfort of your home.

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