Top 5 Affordable Michelin Rated Restaurants in New York City

Michelin restaurants

New York City is a foodie’s delight. From dollar pizzas to the best Michelin rated restaurants, you can find it all. So many different people with different cultures live in this city, and you can find any cuisine here you can imagine. Furthermore, good food does not necessarily have to be expensive.

There are few Michelin rated restaurants in New York, where you can enjoy an amazing meal without spending a fortune. However, there are no super cheap Michelin restaurants. The list of Michelin rated restaurants we are going to dive in here is, well, budget able, and pretty much anyone with below-the-average salary in US can afford it.

What is a Michelin Awarded Restaurant?

Michelin Star is a distinguished award given to restaurants by the Michelin Travel Guides. Originally, Michelin travel guide was created in 1900 to show French drivers where local amenities such as cafes, restaurants and mechanic shops were. First, the rating had only one star, then several years later, the second and third stars were introduced.

The Michelin award, given to a restaurant, is mainly based on the quality, cuisine and customer service of the restaurant. The highest award given to an eatery is 3 stars. 1 star means very good food, 2 star means exceptional and the 3 stars mean exquisite!

Does the restaurant has to be special, extraordinary to get to the Michelin list? Let’s say “yes”. There are more than 500 special and extraordinary Michelin rated restaurants in New York City in 2019. Some cities do not even have that many restaurants ‘period’. New York City is different from many cities, indeed.

How Much Does a Michelin Starred Meal Cost?

There is this misconception that Michelin rated places are always going to be expensive. Whereas that is necessarily true. If you are going to Omsaka or Masa – that is relatively expensive. Those meals would have you to shed out at least $750 per person.

But, if you move South to downtown New York, Ho Wan, the famous Hong Kong Dim Sum spot is the place you may want to stop by. It is known as the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in NYC. You can check out the restaurant’s menu here:

Another thing to know is – the lower the Michelin star the more affordable the meal is going to be for you. But, again, even the lowest rated Michelin spots are bound to be incredible for you. After all, only the best food places make it to this list.

Top 5 best affordable Michelin rated restaurants in New York City 

The Musket Room

Placed in the heart of Nolita, at Elizabeth Street, this place is a whole different take on the New Zealand’s cuisine. With the rich native flavors of the chef and the chic ingredients found in the heart of New York, you can be assured that you will get a meal that you will remember, even after you have stepped out.

Michelin Reastaurants

Uncle Boons

Looking for a meal that soars way beyond the usual Pan Thai flavors? Then Uncle Boons is the place for you with a new twist in Thai recipes. Also, one of the most pocket affordable places for a Michelin rated place. You will bump into Uncle Boons in Nolita.

Michelin Restaurants

ZZ’s Clam Bar

This little bar is New York’s best-kept secret so far. This is also the place so hard to get in. If you can push yourself through the waiting list, this is definitely one of the best place to go. And the cocktails are amazing here too.

Michelin Restaurant


Nicely put away in the famous Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, this place serves you a petite 20-course meal. Holding two stars from Michelin, it is a beautiful open-air loft. The way the chef weaves creativity into every dish they serve you, you feel you are being served not just a dinner plate but something more..

Best restaurant in NYC

And finally!


This place is a 2 star Michelin place, serving you the authentic Nordic dishes. It shows you exactly why the Scandinavian cuisine is famous for its rugged taste. The chef leaves no detail unnoticed in his sleek presentation and quality that travels with you in your heart even after you have completed their exquisite meals.

best restaurant in NYC

Final Verdict

A Michelin meal is not going to be very cheap but it does not have to be very expensive either. You can get an incredible spread for an amount of money that you are comfortable to spend.

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