Summer time! How To Stay Beautiful In Any Weather

Summer time! How to stay beautiful in any weather

Summer time! How to stay beautiful in any weather

We all want to be beautiful despite of any weather conditions. This article is about a diet, skin care and drinking routine in hot summer days, so you can feel confident and beautiful.

Summer Drinking Routine

It is recommended to drink an average of 2-3 liters of water a day during a hot period of the year. However, you should also take into consideration individual characteristics of the body.

Although, it is important not to over-drink the water, since the excess of H2O can decrease a concentration of sodium in the blood.

Drinking as much water as you can will not work. Furthermore, if you drink more than 15 litters of water a day, you will die. As simple as it is, drink whenever you are thirsty, do not force yourself.

Try to do small sips throughout a day in order to maintain water balance.

The largest part of your drinking regimen should be in the first half of the day. Maximum water intake should be from breakfast to lunch and the minimum in the evening. Drinking too much water at the end of the day may increase a risk of edema.

Summer Diet – How to stay beautiful in any weather

Of course, during hot summer days all your diet routine may collapse. In summer, people tend to have irregular unbalanced meals, that are easier to find and prepare. You may feel no appetite at lunch at all, and then later in the evening you get hungry and eat a large meal.

Thus, try to choose light seasonal products such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Easily digested food is ideal for your summer diet.

In fact, the digestion of products with higher content of protein consumes a lot of energy to process and it raises the body temperature. And we don’t want that to happen with us in hot summer.

Fractional frequent meals is the best way to coordinate your diet regimen. Arrange a snacks among the main meal [2-3 times]. Use fruits and vegetables as snacks in order to avoid strong feeling of hunger in the evening. Moreover, consuming fruits and vegetables will help you to restore the balance of micro-elements that we lose with sweat.

Summer Dress Code –  How to stay beautiful in any weather

We start wearing less clothes in the summer. However, we also should consider the quality and material our clothes made of.

Try to avoid synthetics, because they make you sweat more. It is better to choose clothes made from natural fabrics like linen and cotton. Those two are the best for your skin.

And of course, do not forget about head dressing. Overheating can happen easily and can stay unnoticed. Moreover, baseball cap and shades can prevent you from the risk of hyper-pigmentation. Head-wear will also  protect your hair from burning out.

Summer Skin Care Routine – How to stay beautiful in any weather

It is not a secret that in the heat sebaceous glands work more actively in summer. Therefore, you must clean your skin at least twice a day in order to avoid pores clogging and rash appearing.

In fact, fat, oil and sweat are a good breeding ground for bacteria. The basic care should have a light texture with a deeply moisturizing and antioxidant effect.

You can additionally wipe your face with a tonic for cleansing and cool with ice cubes during the day. Do not forget to use a sunscreen.

Summer Body Care Routine – How to stay beautiful in any weather

Summer is Coming! How To Stay Beautiful In Any WeatherThe two main problems with the skin of the body during the hot period are swelling and irritation.

It is the best if you start your morning with a contrast shower, so it will improve micro-circulation. In order to eliminate body irritations you can use mild exfoliating body peels once a week.

The most common and optimal components for calming your skin are the classical components with menthol derivatives. Peppermint oil is ideal for regular skin cooling. Natural organic oils can be added to your daily care as well.

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