Do Under-Eye Patches Really Work?

Do under-eye patches really work

Do under-eye patches really work?

Our everyday life and habits affect our body and appearance. Too much caffeine, sleepless nights and stress are the most common reasons of facial problems. Let’s learn about this the new trend in cosmetology – PATCHES, and identify the effectiveness of this product.

Many people use under-eye patches to reduce dark circles under their eyes, get rid of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Others stay skeptical about this cosmetology product.

Do under-eye patches really work? Are they more than just stripes of cloth soaked in lotion?

Do under-eye patches really workUndoubtedly, patches can correct light puffiness, fine wrinkles and light blue skin color under eyes.

Under-eye patches contain active substances in a concentrated form. This means that the product is more effective than any special facial creams.

In addition, under-eye patches can be used to correct light age-related wrinkles and also dark circles under eyes.

How do under-eye patches work?

eye bag treatmentUnder-eye patches are mainly used to eliminate eye bags and circles, smooth wrinkles, nourish and moisturize skin under eyes.

Even though, all under-eye patches have similar functions their cosmetic compositions and their effects are different.

Under-eye patches, like face sheet masks are papers, fibers or hydro-gel soaked in concentrated serum solutions. This serum solution as well as the texture of a patch may vary. Most of the under-eye patches contain collagen, herbal extracts and vitamins to target your under eye zone.

The first and most noticeable difference is the texture of the product. All under-eye patches are classified into subgroups with respect to their textures: hydro-gel and fabric.

Hydro-gel patches are made of Konnyaku alga, which is a natural material with intense moisturizing properties. Fabric patches are structurally reminiscent of pressed cotton pads.

The basis of any patch, no matter if it’s hydrogel or fabric, is impregnated with a cosmetic composition. This composition causes hydration, nutrition, rejuvenation, lifting and drainage.

Many under-eye patches contain hyaluronic acid, collagen and glycerin for moisturizing, peptides, retinol and plant extracts for nutrition. Patches may be also soaked in colloidal gold and snail mucin for rejuvenation, and also, chestnut extract and caffeine for drainage. For whitening effect, under-eye patches manufacturers use tartaric acid, kaolin and also arbutin.

In this very competitive market, cosmetic laboratory specialists work hard on product innovations in order to create the best patches out there. Therefore, nowadays, it is hard to imagine a cosmetic product with just one function. That is why patches are also kind of universal.

under-eye bags treatment

Do under-eye patches really work


  1. Wash/clean your face.
  2. Apply one patch under the growth line of your eyelashes on each side; and then leave the patches for 15-20 minutes. (Best if you can do it in the morning. This way you can enjoy your regular morning routine while beautifying. You can drink your coffee with your patches on, or check your mailbox in the meanwhile. However, some patches have special texture that “slips down”. With those patches you will have to lay down and wait.
  3. Peel off the patches and massage the remnants of the cosmetic product into the skin.

Can I use under-eye patches not only under eyes? Yes, you can.

Can I leave patches over night?

Leaving your under-eye patches over night is not a good idea. Because all active ingredients in the product work best during 20-30 minutes after application. This means that there’s no need to lay down with patches the whole night.

How often should I use my under-eye patches?

If you never used under-eye patches before, then, you can start using them 4-5 times a week for the first month. After that, you can use them once a week, or when you need to freshen your skin up, perhaps after a late night party.

Natural DIY under eye patches

You can also create your homemade under-eye patches. This way you will know for sure what is in your patch.

Watch this short video on how to create your own under-eye patches using simple ingredients that you can buy in a grocery store or online. You will only need some water, chamomile, agar powder, coconut oil, vitamin E capsule, a mixing bowl and a spoon.

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