Business ideas for moms

Business ideas for moms, woman holding a baby
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Ladies drop or pause their careers when they become moms until when their children start schooling. Most of them have intentions of returning to their careers, but only a few of them are able to secure a job. Only one out of four of those unable to secure a job choose to become self-employed. Most of the successive moms are business owners. In order to become self-employed, first you need to go through the list of business ideas for moms.

In fact, self-employment has a couple of advantages compared to being employed. Among the many advantages is freedom as a mom, no one should limit the time you spend with your children. Another great advantage of self-employment is that you become an independent mom, you don’t have to depend on your husband for everything. Unlike in employment where you be paid a fixed salary, self-employment depends on your commitment and efforts. Self-employment is also well paying as compared to employment. Many moms are at home thinking of which business to venture into. However, there are many business ideas for moms. Here is a list of some of the business ideas for moms you can choose one from and execute it to become a self-dependent mom.


The internet has made it possible for remote working. Individuals and companies are looking for online workers to offer services in web design, graphics design, animation design. Moreover, content creation, transcription, data entry, copywriting, youtube sensation, tour guide, travel writings and many more are popopular too. Freelancers are making good tons of money on websites like Freelance, Upwork, iWriter, Content, Hiresire and many more. If you have a computer and internet access, you need to start earning online. Look for a service that requires skills you have and make sure to provide quality services.

Home Laundry Business

Another business idea for moms is laundry. Many people are looking for a person they can trust to do their washing. Start with your friends who are working. Then, arrange with your clients how you’re going to pick the dirty clothes. After picking, wash, iron, fold and return them to your client. All you need to start this business is a washing machine, iron, and means of transportation. Besides, advertise your services on social media to get known by people around you.

Woman holding a little boy
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Child Care Service

As a mum, you have all the experience needed to care for children. If you have space to accommodate a number of kids in your home, this is the right business for you. As you provide your services to client’s kids, you will also be there for your own kid. Many private nursery schools started as daycares. For the beginning, start with your friends, let them know you’re offering child care services. In fact, your friends who are working mums are your first potential customers because they will trust you. You can combine your daily responsibilities with this business idea for moms.

Home Made Products

Every person has a hobby and a talent. Maybe you’re that mom who can make hand made mats. There are many things we can make with our own hands. If there is something you know you can make at home, go ahead. You can earn by selling your homemade products. Advertise your products on social media such as Facebook to get customers.

Makeup artist

If you are creative and able to make models look incredible, that is enough to start earning. Everyone wants to look smart and gorgeous when attending a wedding and other arrangements. All you need to start this business are brushes, transport, and ability to make quality makeups. Get to Facebook and other social media and advertise your makeup artistry.



Home Cook

If you love cooking and spending most of your time in the kitchen , be grateful to yourself and start making money. Some families are very busy, but they still don’t want to hire a house helps. These families still need delicious dinners. You can provide them with ordered pre-prepared foods or even cook for them at their home and get paid. So cooking is also in the list of business ideas for moms.

Home and Office Decoration

You love decorating your home and your visitors give positive compliments to your decors? Then, you can earn by decorating other people’s homes. It’s a great opportunity to make a hobby one of the successful business ideas for moms. During festive seasons such as Christmas, many businesses hire people to decorate premises. In this business, you don’t need anything tangible, all you need is to advertise your services on social media.

There are many more business ideas for moms to choose. Though, in whichever business you venture, make sure to offer quality products. Use social media to grow your network of customers and clients. The first step is believing in yourself that you can. Never despise a small start, most of the large companies and successive business you see today started small. They grew with time. Good luck!

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