Are Gadgets Bad for Your Kids? 5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Life Exciting

Are Gadgets Bad for Your Kids
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Are Gadgets Bad for Your Kids? 5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Life Exciting

Technology break-thoughts have always fascinated people of all ages, and children in particular. As a matter of fact, new technologies have always been discovered and occupied by young generations in the first place, while the old people would not hinder youngsters much and rather stayed in their own pace.

Children are very eager for new information. They are known to absorb this information very quickly in all of its forms. Various video games available on smartphones today are very colorful, interesting, and full of challenges and action. This makes kids learn a lot of new things from there as well as develop an increasing desire for entertainment.

Hearing about all those issues associated with the gadgets addiction, we understand perfectly your concern about your child’s physiological and overall health conditions consequences.

Should you be that much concerned about the gadgets impact? What are some solutions to draw your kids away from technology? Let’s take a look at pros and cons.

Benefits of Technological Impact for Your Kid

are gadgets bad for your kidsAbility to go for Challenges and Solve Them.  Most games are developed in such a way that you need to complete one level before moving to the next. It requires a child a lot of pursuit to overcome those virtual challenges to get the prize. This gradually disciplines your kid to know that obstacles can be got over if put some effort.

Develop Essential Skills Faster.  Today’s apps are very engaging. They help boost kid’s memory as well as linguistic and mathematical skills. Your child can learn foreign language in the form of the game and it will stay in his/her memory as a default knowledge acquired from the first days.

Strong Attention to Detail.  Games include a lot of action and it requires a great deal of attention to pass the level. Therefore, you notice details better and learn to follow the rules. Learning details from apps help to apply the same attentiveness to real life.

Negative Impact of Gadgets

Are Gadgets Bad for Your Kids? Despite of a few positive impacts on a child’s development that the gadgets have, there are a number of bad effects that can make you reconsider your child’s schedule.

Less Time spent on Practical Skills Acquisition.  Time spent by your kid with gadgets and technology means less time spent on other activities. Instead of playing digital piano without acquiring a real knowledge, for example, your kid might have learnt to play a real one.

Obesity and Impaired Body.  Spending too much seated has never been good for a body, especially a body of a growing child. Lack of movement and physical exercise is poor for the health of your kid.

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Poor Academic Performance.  Unintended use of mobile phones, watching too much TV, or playing computer games develop a persistent desire to continuous time spending on those activities. Sleep problems may evolve as a result of technology overexposure, as well as developmental delays in reading or problems solving.

Depression.  As a child spends more and more time in isolation playing games alone or watching TV, it may develop social phobia or anxiety when they start to communicate with their peers. Lack of communication develops depression as a result, which may lead to serious problems fighting with it later in a child’s life.

5 Ways to Spur Your Kid’s Interest for Other Activities

Kids are Mirroring You

Try not to spend much time with phone in your hands when you are around your kid. They repeat literally everything, especially after mom or dad. So, if they see that it’s normal to spend much time with the phone, why should’t they do such?

Let Them Do What You Do

Engaging children with simple activitiesYour kid will be more than happy to participate in cooking something with the pastry, for example. Let him or her make their own cookie!

Or decorate a cake or mix salads, for instance,  instead of doing it yourself and having your kid waiting in front of TV.

Show Interest in Their Activities

If you show involvement in their activities, they are very likely to find a great friend in you and follow you in many ways.

For example, if you play a game with them with a genuine interest and comments for the heroes. Your kid will appreciate your involvement and will likely stay closer to you than playing games.

Find Out Their True Interests

Luckily for me, my mom and dad were really good at bringing out everything that laid deep in my mind, including my true desires.

As a child, I loved playing with soft toys and always told my mom that I will be a soft toys maker! But she did’t wait for me to grow up and gave me a great sewing set with various materials as a present. I spent hours making funny animals, and my mom helped me not to give up even if sometimes it was a difficult task.

Admit Your Kid’s Endeavors

how to be a good parentIf you could have noticed, almost every game involves an abundant number of praises for a level completion.

For the real life challenges, however, we don’t pay much attention to praising our kid.

And here praising does not mean giving positive feedback on even a small achievement, but reminding our child that the result he or she gained was due to the effort they paid.

Final Words

Children develop extremely quickly and form their personality from the very first days. Ways to protect your kid from technological overexposure by plugging off computer or limiting access to particular software may loosen their self, or simply won’t work.

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Your child will most likely go to play station or a friend’s house to play with the gadgets.

Therefore, try to let them recognize what are some other interesting activities out there. And try to make them realize the importance of spending less time engaged with the gadgets. This way your kid will have a harmonious live full of joy and development rhythm.

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