Why Men Should Take Care of Nails. Quick Ways to Do It

men should take care of nails

Why men should take care of nails.

So… What are ideal man’s hands? Are they rough and dirty with fuel oil, or are they accurate and with nails well polished?

man take care of nails and hands
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Some men think that this is a way too feminine to take care of nails and hands overall. However, there are a few reasons why you should care of your nails. And also here are some tips how you can easily do it.

Your hands are an indicator of how careful you are about your looks, especially if you work in an office and communicate a lot with other people. Unkempt nails with hard skin and untidy cuticles are a complete turn off to everyone you come across and especially women who could potentially become a mate. Nail care not only adds touch to your appearance but also reflects a sense of grooming and hygiene. Your touch should be welcoming other than recoiling and failure to have smooth hands is no excuse. You can keep your nails clean and tidy by these simple and quick tips.


men should take care of nailsThe journey to nail care starts in the shower. Ensure to scrub your nails every time while taking a shower. Hands and nails are as important as every other part of the body.

Use a pumice stone to remove calluses or dead skin gently and a nailbrush to remove dirt that accumulates under the nail.

The reason why you should clean your nails in the shower is that the skin is softer when soaked in water and hence easy to exfoliate.

Cleaning your nails takes a maximum of four minutes, and therefore it should not disrupt your schedule. After taking a shower, it is essential to apply moisturizer to your nails. Salicylic acid present in moisturizers prevents the nails from forming calluses and dry skin. You can also use hand cream as a substitute for the moisturizer.


men manicureThe nails should be neither too long nor too short. Long nails tend to hold dirt and therefore make your hands look untidy while too short nails may be painful and infectious.

However, some men prefer removing the nail white, which is okay depending on your choice and preference.

The best way do it is to cut the nail in a straight line with a clipper across the top. Cutting straight prevents the growth of ingrown nails and gives a neat finish. Always be careful not to cut the nail bed, as that would be too short and uncomfortable. To attain a reasonable length of the nails, rest the clippers against the nail without forcing it down and cut against the natural curve.

The amount of time you take to cut your nails could be less than five minutes depending on the nail clipper you use. Ensure that the clippers are sharp, strong and in a shape that takes care of the nail bed.


men manicureMaking your nails smooth is an important stem of taking care of them. Sharp edges will snag on your clothes and bedding, which will, in turn, make the bails break.

When buffing the nails, it is advisable to follow the straight shape achieved when clipping them instead of making them round or triangular.

Square nails are neat, they prevent breakage and are suitable for people who easily catch nail infections and ingrown nails. You can buff the nails in three minutes using a metal nail file and a smooth buffer immediately after cutting them. Some clippers have a nail file in handy for convenience.

Cuticle care

cuticle oil anti fungal nail growthWhen you let cuticles grow too far from the nail bed, they fray and irritate which leads you to develop biting habits that may bring forth bleeding and infections.

Soak your hands in the water, apply oil or cuticle cream to soften the cuticles, then cut the popping tissue and push the rest towards the nail bed using a blunt tool.

Men should take care of nails. If taking care of the nails at home sounds complicated and time-consuming, you can always have them done at a local salon.

Once you get used to the grooming routine, you will enjoy the satisfaction and confidence that comes with tidy nails. Always ensure your hands are moisturized at all times to prevent dry skin and to match your cleaned nails.

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