8 Habits that will help you to save water

Habits that will help you to save water

Water preservation may sound unimportant to some people. However, we can all admit that saving water is necessary for everyone. Actually, practicing habits that help to save water is very important. Today, many developing countries are at the stage of facing water crisis. California, for example, has noticeable issues with water supply.

First of all, water is a resource. Ordinarily, its availability fluctuates season to season and region to region. That is, some seasons have plenty while others have little. Similarly, there’s a lot of water in some regions, but little or none in others.

Secondly, it simply makes good economic sense. Usually, the less amount you use, the more cash you save every month. Unmistakably, there are some who don’t believe in water conservation, because it’s so relatively cheap to use. Compared to gasoline, this may be true. However, that doesn’t imply we shouldn’t all try to be as economical as possible with the resource. Certainly, as a consumer, you can save money by using water wisely.

There are easy and free methods you can employ to help you save water. Some water preservation tips including introducing low-flow shower heads and purchasing water-saving appliances. However, not everyone can afford these alternatives. Fortunately, find some habits that help to save water without costing you any money.

Easy And Cost-Free Water Saving Habits

Turn Off The Tap While You Brush Your Teeth

Obviously, one habit that helps to save water at home is by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth. To begin with, this has to be one of the simplest habits. Surprisingly, by doing this you can save up to five liters of water a minute.

Shorten that Shower

By the way, have you ever taken a shower when there was no hot water? Actually, it’s incredible how little water we need just to lather up and then rinse off. So, if the temperatures are warm enough, try turning off the water while you lather and shave. After that, turn it back on just to rinse.

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Fill the Sink Basin for Rinsing Dishes

Generally, it’s easy to just run the water when rinsing the dishes or washing them. So, what should you do? Here, take the time to fill the basin and then use that one basin for all the dishes. This way, you can save a substantial amount of water.

Fix Those Leaky Faucets

This habit may cost a few dimes. However, it can save you hundreds in water bills. Here, when you shut off a faucet and find that it’s dripping, replace the washer the same day. Really, this is a simple and very inexpensive step that can help you conserve water.

In The Laundry

Another habit that helps to save water is sure to only wash full loads while doing laundry. Ordinarily, this is a great and easy way to save a lot of water. Additionally, you can hand wash single pieces of clothes to conserve even more water. Also, if you got the money, you can consider buying a high-efficiency washing machine. By so doing, you will save a lot of water and energy too.

Take Shorter or Quick Showers

Taking shorter or quicker showers is yet another habit that helps to save water. However, this may sound a bit redundant, many of us may even spend an hour showering. Also, some of us will continuously let the shower run while they shower. Generally, on average we’re using approximately 25 gallons for about 40 minutes of shower. Surely, we can save much water by simply taking a quick shower.

Bathe the Kids Together

Surprisingly, many younger children have no problem with sharing the tub. So, allow your 3 and 5-year-old share the bathtub. This way, they will enjoy the process. Additionally, you will be helping the environment, and your next water bill will be lower.

No Treated Water To Water Your Garden

Lastly, avoid using your treated tap water to water your garden plants. Thus, purchase a water butt instead. Next, attach it to your downpipe so you can collect rainwater and use that instead.


Generally, saving water is one of the best things to do this year. Certainly, this article isn’t only helpful but also informative. Particularly, it will benefit you when it comes to habits that help to save water. So, start practicing the above simple water-saving habits. By so doing, you will be sure to drastically reduce your water bill as well.

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