Best Exercises for Office Workers

best exercises for office workers

Best exercises for office workers

Are you one of those people who spent all their working day by sitting at a desk? For many people, sitting 8 hours at a desk in front of the computer is penance, tired legs, swollen ankles, back pain. However, it does not have to be that bad. By following a few simple tips, office workers can improve their health and reduce the negative effects of sitting at work.

Having a good comfortable chair definitely helps. It allows you to have a better posture.  A proper chair keeps your shoulders well placed and feet resting on the ground.

Apart from the convenient chair, office employees should be involved in workout activities that can be done within the office to maintain healthy lifestyle. Below we will share some of the best exercises for office workers.

Choose the stairs instead of an elevator if possible

down the stairs

A basic but effective slogan – instead of using the elevator, try, whenever possible, to use the stairs. Walking up and down stairs is a very effective aerobic exercise. It works the muscles of the legs, burns fat from the lower part of the body and expends energy.

Your heart rate and lung capacity will improve markedly. Moreover, going up and down stairs will help reduce the likelihood of suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and also high cholesterol.

Best Exercises for Office Workers – Stretching at Work

Best exercises for office workersStretching is a good option to prevent possible injuries when exercising in the office. A daily schedule, especially in typical areas (high back, neck, lumbar), can be a good option to prevent pain, release tension and relax muscles.

Daily stretching improves our overall flexibility. Ideally, we should do some stretching exercises every 2-3 hours.

Stretch should not be painful. Don’t push here. It should be smooth movements. It is important to control the stretching and posture at all times. Without making swings or rebounds, to achieve greater relaxation with less muscle and joint activity possible.

People who stretch routinely are stronger than those who do not, take a few minutes to stretch each day!

Control Glutes and Abs

The butt is one of the parts of the body that suffers the most from being seated so many hours in an office chair. It is important that we know that this part of the body can be hardened with a simple trick.

Without getting up, we can harden the buttocks at intervals. By doing so, we can keep them hard while we are sitting. It is an amazing work out for your buttock muscles. However do not forget to hold your back straight while doing this exercise.

Moreover, we can also tighten the abdominal muscles while we sitting. This will help us to strengthen the area of ​​the abdominals. Simply in this case it is necessary to maintain the contracted tripe for a few seconds. The result is well worth it.

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Best Exercises for Office Workers – Standing on Tiptoe

You can also workout while sitting in the office. To exercise your feet and legs you have to quickly move the tips of your feet while sitting. In this way you will help pump blood to your heart throughout your body and improve circulation. This exercise will also help you to burn calories some calories due to improve blood circulation.

It is also a good exercise to stand on your toes and hold the position for a few seconds. This exercise should be repeated several times during the day. In addition to helping you with circulation, you will tone up your buttocks as well by standing on your toes.

Best Exercises for Office Workers – Get up and Walk Whenever Possible.

stand up or walk

As mentioned above, one of the common problems in the office is that we spend long hours sitting in front of a computer. Therefore, it is important to get up periodically and take advantage of any occasion to either stand or walk. Try to get up every hour even if it’s for five minutes.

You can make your calls from a mobile phone standing up or walking around the office. Moreover, you can have your coffee by standing next to the coffee machine. Additionally, instead of calling your colleagues over the phone, get up and take advantage to talk face to face.

Best Exercises for Office Workers – Shoulder Exercise

Our shoulders suffer from the tension of sitting for hours around our desk. We can decrease the pressure by raising our shoulders, and lifting them up to the ears. The position should be maintained for few seconds, and then shoulders should be relaxed. Repeat this exercise as many times a day as you can and you will free your shoulders from high amount of pressure.

Best Exercises for Office Workers – Raising Legs While Sitting

best exercises for office workers

The legs also need a lot of care. Hence, we suggest two ways to exercise legs that can be done while sitting.

Sit upright in a chair, stretch your legs and cross your feet (not your legs). Now, raise the legs to the height of the hip and hold. Change the crossing of the feet and repeat. Always do the same number of times on one side as on the other. Repeat the exercise several times.

Another good exercise is the extension of the leg: rise up your leg and stretch it in the air. You can alternate your legs one by one or work on them simultaneously. This exercise allows you to work on your quadriceps and helps you to improve circulation.

Best Exercises for Office Workers – Adduction of Legs

To work the inner part of the thigh, nothing better than leg adduction exercises. To do this, place a book or some object between the legs on the inner side of the thighs and press it inwards to prevent it from falling to the ground. It is a specific job of the adductors to keep them firm and in place that will help you to look more toned legs, so do not let it go.

Do not Forget about Hands and Fingers

hands and fingers

We usually forget about exercising our hands when it comes to physical exercises. However, considering the hours they work for us and the great service they provide in our daily activities, we should offer them a bit of pampering.

Rotate your wrists periodically and close and open your hands. Moreover, add these exercises for your fingers and your hands will feel much better after a long day of work.


Taking care of our health on a day to day basis is important. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you may achieve an improvement in your health. Additionally, you may avoid some of the typical problems caused by sedentary lifestyle at the office. With a little effort a day we can improve our physical and mental health.

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