The Dubai Food Festival is waiting for you!

Dubai is one of the wonderful destinations in the world. To begin with, this Arab City possesses a variety of outstanding cultural facets. However, none of them can be compared to the city’s iconic cuisine- the Dubai Food Festival. Particularly, those who’ve been to this incredible gastronomic festival can confirm this. This city’s iconic cuisine runs from February 21st to March 9th. Usually, the food festival attracts a significant number of:

>Marvelous restaurants

> Five-star drink marks

> All around famous global big name cuisiniers

> Various gastronomic shows

What Is The Purpose of The Dubai Food Festival?

The coordinators of the festival are the Dubai-Festivals & Retail-Establishment (DFRE). Ideally, the festival is a component of a bigger strategy to promote a year-round plan of citywide festivals. By so doing, this adds to the growth and development of the retail and tourism sectors in Dubai. In addition, this festival promotes the creativity, diversity, and multicultural presentation of this city.

What is Special About This Gastronomic Festival?

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Auditory and Gastronomic Pleasures

Definitely, this period is full of enthusiasm as the above-mentioned food festival happens. Ordinarily, this festival presents both auditory and gastronomic pleasures. The festival is a bright opportunity for the guests to taste very delicious food. Also, it offers diners with an opportunity to eat, while enjoying suitable music. Moreover, it goes an extra mile to exhibit Dubai’s greatest music artists in order to truly delight the crowd.

Unforgettable Learning Opportunities

Likewise, the Dubai Food Festival is lauded as an unforgettable learning event. In particular, this festival encompasses a variety of cooking lessons which stimulate the attention of every food enthusiast. Similarly, the chefs picked to educate and entertain food lovers are among the high-grade in their profession. Normally, real cooking aficionados can truly recognize names like Richard Sandoval and Aldo Zilli. They will not believe it upon understanding that such best chefs would undeviatingly associate with their enthusiasts.

The Dubai Hidden Pearls

Festival guests in Dubai will never go back home without tasting the flavors of the Dubai Hidden Treasures. Generally, these spots have remarkable treats for its visitors. Unfortunately, many people who have visited Dubai don’t know about these pearls. Here is a list of some of them:

> The Majlis Café, Jumeirah Mosque

Here you get to enjoy the sweet pistachio ice-cream created with camel milk. Furthermore, you will appreciate coffee, camel milkshake, and creams. Not to mention a relaxing stroll at the popular Jumeirah beach may lead you to this wonderful place. Truly, it’s among the marvelous Dubai hidden Pearls.

> Al Mamzar Beach-Park

This is the ideal place for you if you’re touring with your children. Really, this is an astonishing attraction but most individuals don’t know about it. For example, the white sand beach is the perfect spot for kids to have fun. Moreover, you can dive into the pool here. Further, you can enjoy the astounding picnic spots here with restaurants, barbeques, snack bars. Lastly, there is a skating field and place where you can rent bicycle.

> Al Serkal Avenue

Presently, the old industrial warehouse spot in Al Quoz became Dubai’s most fashionable art and culture scene. It’s called Al Serkal Avenue. Surely, the art galleries deserve visiting by the art enthusiasts and even someone who isn’t much into art. There are coffee shops to seize a bite and see the world go around. Additionally, you can take part in art workshops, classes, and exhibitions.

> The Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum is actually great news for all the coffee lovers. Hence, for the incoming gastronomic festival, when you get to Dubai, this is the place to have a great deal of fun.

Dubai Food Festival
Adam le Sommer

> Best Spot to Watch Dubai Skyline

You will come to witness numerous rooftop bars and restaurants which provide you with the best skyline panorama of Dubai. However,there is one prominent place called Nasimi-Beach. Here, you may spend the whole day resting. Moreover, you will appreciate your coconut cocktails while cherishing the energetic scene of Dubai Skyline.

> The Farm, Al Barari

It’s an oasis with the desert which is still unknown to a lot of tourists. This spot will offer you an experience of visiting a forest. The atmosphere in this villa is very unusual, because you visit a forest created by human being in the desert! The area opposite the Villa is unbelievably beautiful. It includes about 16 km of cascades, landscape lakes, streams and homes over 34 themed gardens and 4 million plants.


The Dubai Food Festival is such a monumental event. Thereby, for food enthusiasts, this is the period of the year that will never be boring. Additionally, a quick tour to Dubai would certainly bear an unforgettable encounter. In short, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure in attending to high-notch tunes while having the world-class meals. Also, you can experience unmatched delight in associating with world-class chefs. Therefore, choosing to visit the Dubai Food Festival would be an excellent decision.


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