Best Healthy Habits to Have

best healthy habits to have

Top 8 best healthy habits to have 

For us to achieve a healthy living, a fit body and illness free state, we need to have a plan and follow it consistently.

Lazy and lethargic are two words that do not go with being healthy. Both mental and physical exercise may be challenging, however we need to follow them to remain healthy.


Here are the top 8 healthy habits to develop to live healthier and happier life:

  1. Know what you’re eating

Consuming healthy foods is one of the best healthy habits to have and is a big part of your new healthier lifestyle. Foods that fit this line of order include fruit, veggies, lean meat, nuts and more. Keep well away from any foods that have been refined.

Sadly, the main reason for sickness and disease is brought about by bad food habits. People are suffering from illnesses such as obesity, cancer, and diabetes, due to this fact. You don’t have to make difficult changes to see a drastic improvement in your health.

When it comes to healthy eating, we will need to avoid the junk food, which will ultimately bring us down and make us feel lethargic.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated may also help you to normalize your body weight. Furthermore, by maintaining optimum body weight, we can lessen the risk of getting some health problems. If you do not like drinking plain water, try to add natural flavors to it, like slices of lemon, orange or cucumber, for example.

A healthy diet does not necessarily mean depriving yourself of everything that you crave – including that delectable block of chocolate after dinner or that box of popcorn at the movies. It means that you need to create a balance between eating what you enjoy and eating what your body needs to function at optimum levels.

best habits to have


  1. Be more positive

Positive thinking can help when it comes to being healthy.

Try to keep positive thoughts at the foremost of your mind, instead of focusing on any negative and depressing emotions. Positive thoughts can be energizing and helpful in all aspects of life.

Try attending some yoga and meditation sessions to get rid of the negative energy. Meditation can also help to relieve stress and improve your mind. Studies documented the positive effect of meditation on brain function.

Smile more. Sometimes if you try to smile even if you do not actually have a reason to do so, you will instantly notice the change in your body, the way your mind reacts to that. It is absolutely amazing.

smile more

  1. Exercise at least twice a week

Exercising often can help you feel refreshed, especially if you exercise at the start of the day. Exercising is beneficial to you for the fact that it puts you in a good positive mood and will make it easier for you to choose the right foods to eat.

Particular workouts can help you to lose weight, build up your bones, and also strengthen your lungs and heart. Some exercise examples are walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and playing your favorite sports. Stay clear of the exercises you least enjoy.

It may be difficult to start, especially if you do not exercise at all. Just get up and move. You will see the changes in your body and mind. Even just walking half an hour a day helps a lot.

Try Tai Chi or Yoga, just about anything that keeps you moving can help.

exercise yoga

  1. Quit smoking

The truth is there is no safe amount of cigarette smoke. The chemicals you inhale reach your lungs, and your blood carries the toxins to each organ in your body.

Certainly, giving up smoking can be challenging at the beginning, but you can take control of your health by quitting and staying smoke-free. Kick out this bad habit, take care of your body and people surrounding you.


  1. Have breakfast

Having breakfast is important for many reasons and it is definitely one of the best healthy habits to have. Studies have proven that individuals who eat breakfast perform better at work, school, life. So, do not skip it.

Moreover, healthy breakfast replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.


  1. Best healthy habits to have –  Walk outdoors

Walking outdoors even for a few minutes increase your vitamin D level, and can improve your mood.

Furthermore, walking outdoors can help you to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, raise mood and self-esteem, balance weight, strengthen bones, and even boost memory.

go offline enjoy the nature

  1. Unplug or go offline

Do you feel like you are checking your social media and email too much? Oftentimes, loging off and putting your phone down can free you to do so many other things.

Taking your mind off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, blogs and emails can help to discover your creativity, improve relationships and health. Remember, everything is good in moderation.


  1. Sleep Well

Try to create your sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking up at about the same time every day will help you to lower the risk of diseases. It also keeps you in a better mood, and moreover, sharpens your memory and focus.

Try to get 7 hours of good deep sleep a night, and it will even improve your physical appearance, making you look more beautiful.

get enough sleep

In conclusion, most importantly, the goal is to have good health. The truth is that healthy living is all about balance and moderation.

Try to make simple, smaller changes to your lifestyle and turn these changes into regular habits that you can enjoy.

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