10 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

ways to detox your body

Ways to detox your body

Every day we are bombarded with information on how important body detox is as it helps us stay and live healthily. However, with so many chemicals produced everyday, it’s is inevitable to live toxin-free life. From the increasing number of chemicals in food to the air we breathe and the cosmetics we use in our daily lives, these products are filled with dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our lives.

Even though our bodies have a natural way to get rid of toxins, it is still advisable to boost this natural process with following some simple tips that go a long way to help your body get rid of toxins. The following article will help you to speed this process with 10 simple and natural ways to detox your body.

1. Start with waterways to detox your body

Water is probably the most valuable ingredient for body detox. In fact, most body’s functions require water to work effectively. Furthermore, water/hydration keeps the body’s cellular mechanism at its peak, which helps to flush out toxins. Therefore, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to discover its numerous benefits.

Most importantly, drinking a glass of warm water with some lemon juice each morning is a good habit as it helps re-hydrate your body and enhances the digestive system; which helps the removal of body waste. Don’t wait until you feel the signs you are dehydrated.

2. Drink plenty of tea

Here, we are talking about green and herbal teas such as nettles, dandelion and so on. These teas contain a lot of antioxidants and are well-known for body detox. Adding these healthy teas to your detox routine will play an important role in your overall body detoxification.

3. Exerciseways to detox your body

Exercising on a regular basis enhances blood circulation and activates the lymph system to perform its function for getting rid of toxins.

With proper blood circulation, enough oxygen and nutrients are transported to the body organs and muscles allowing them to function efficiently.

In addition, intense exercises help you sweat, and sweating helps eliminate toxins through the pores of your skin. Don’t have enough time for going to gym? Here are Top 10 Free Home Workout Apps that you might like.

4. Meditation and deep breathesways to detox your body

According to research, meditation and deep breathes help clear the mind and reduce stress levels. As you are aware, stress can be toxic to the body just like as any other chemical and therefore can be hazardous to your health.

Therefore, take a few minutes off your schedule and enjoy some meditation time to allow your body to relax and perform its function most effectively. Also, deep breathes will help in proper blood and oxygen circulation, allowing the body to detox.

5. Get enough sleep ways to detox your body

Some years back, scientist discovered that the brain detoxification process, also known as the glymphatic system occurs when you are sleeping.

From the findings of Dr. Jolanta Masiak and Dr. Andy R. Eugene, they found out that insufficient sleep affects the glymphatic system, leading to build up of toxins in the brain.

Therefore, depriving yourself of quality sleep will not only lead to accumulation of toxins in your brain but also in your body and it will not be able to function properly. Having problems with falling asleep? Here are Ten Simple Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Faster. 

6. Sweat toxins outways to detox your body

As we have discussed above, toxins can be eliminated through your skin’s pores via perspiration. Consider getting into a sauna and sweat out the toxins.

7. Eliminate white sugar

Consuming white sugar and artificial sweeteners strain and wear off the pancreas. In the long term, this habit causes chronic fatigue, diabetes, cancer and a pack of other side effects that are caused by toxin accumulation.

8. Maintain proper detox dietbest fruit juices

Detoxifying your body is not about what you avoid eating, but also what you consume. A good and healthy diet will go a long way to help your body detoxify.

Some of the recommended foods for body detox include garlic, broccoli, mung beans, lemon, sprouts, and raw vegetables. An alkaline diet is also another way to achieve body detox. This diet consists of uncooked vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts.

It is a great strategy to detox your liver and colon. The juice diet is also helpful when it comes to body detoxification. This diet is mostly centered on consuming freshly prepared fruit or vegetable juice – preferably from organic plants.

9. Exfoliatescrubs

Exfoliating dry skin is among the most effective ways to improve your skin’s appearance through cell regeneration. In addition, this process also helps stimulate the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system, enhancing toxin elimination.

10. Minimize exposure to toxins

The final but still very essential way to detox is prevention. In fact, most people would suggest that this method should always be the first line of both your offense and defense when it comes to body detox. Avoid everything that will lead to more exposure to toxins. This includes processed foods, plastics, smoking and so on.

These are the 10 simplest and easiest way to detox your body. Remember that your body is self-healing, self-renewing and self-cleaning. Therefore, create the right conditions and you shall enjoy a toxin-free life.

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