12 Unusual Plastic Surgeries That Are Becoming Popular

unusual plastic surgeries

Plastic surgeries have become popular today as they allow you to correct your appearance or enhance your aesthetics. Plastic surgeries of breasts, nose or removal of fat are pretty common today. You might be amazed to learn about some unusual plastic surgeries that are becoming popular.  Here are 12 Unusual Plastic Surgeries That Are Becoming Popular

1. Muscle Implants

unusual plastic surgeries

Yes, it is possible today to achieve a sculpted look through surgery. If you don’t want to spend hours in a gym working out to build a body fit for a magazine cover, you can go for muscle implants. However, you should note that implants won’t increase your strength or make you fit.

2. Calf Enlargement

With the silicone insets, you can make your calves look even and get the desired look. With the perfect calves, your legs look slimmer and longer too.

3. Altering the shape of the Navel

A surgeon’s knife can alter your navel’s shape. If you care about every tiny detail of your body and you are unhappy with the shape of your belly button, this surgery is for you.

4. Dimple Creationunusual plastic surgeries

You no longer need to be jealous of your friends who get dimples on their cheeks when they smile. With such unusual plastic surgery, you can get those cute cheek dimples. However, you need to remember that the process is irreversible.

5. Breast Enlargement For A Day

You can get your breasts enlarged by two sizes for a day with physiological saline injected in your breasts. Within two days, your breasts will come back to their normal size. You can grab all the attention you want and get some amazing pictures clicked.

6. Lifting The Upper Lip

If you want your upper lip to look perfect, you can get them lifted by a surgical process. It can truly enhance your beauty and looks. Having the perfect lips is no longer a distant dream anymore.

7. Lashes And Brows Implants

Eyebrow drawing and wearing eyelashes can be tiring if you wear them every day. Hairs from the bottom of your head are implanted to your lashes and brows. This surgery allows you to have beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows permanently. Now, you can easily avoid dealing with eyelash glue and other inconveniences.

8. Eye Color Changeunusual plastic surgeries

You can change your eye color with lenses but you need to remove them before going to bed. You can also go for a surgery that implants silicone prosthesis in the iris of your eyes. They make a small incision into the cornea for the implantation. You can choose the color of the prosthesis that you desire. The procedure is repeatable as well and you can replace the existing implants with the desired ones.

9. Voice Plastic Surgery

Surgeons inject botox into your vocal cords or excise a portion of cartilage into your larynx to lower your voice tone. To heighten the voice tone, a laser is used for shortening the vocal folds or an implant is placed between the larynx muscles.

10. Toe Shorteningunusual plastic surgeries

Wearing high heels can result in varicose veins, protruding bones, and other consequences. Surgeons can ease your pain if you are dealing with any of these consequences. They can create comfortable insoles that will reduce sensitivity. In the surgical process, fat is injected into your sole or botox is injected into the heels. You will be able to walk on heels without getting tired for hours. Surgeons can also shorten the toes to make them look perfect.

11. Fat Translocation

If you don’t like silicone implants, fat translocation is a great alternative. Surgeons can translocate fat within your body from the undesired places to the desired ones. If you are lean, fat from behind the knees is translocated to the areas you want.

unusual plastic surgeries12. Lines Of Fate

You’re the creator of your own destiny. You can alter the lines of fate on your palms with a surgical procedure. You can draw the lifeline or other lines o your palm as you prefer.


Nowadays plastic surgeries are popular not only among celebrities. Anyone can enhance his or her looks and boost confidence with the surgical procedures. You can truly enhance your looks or correct the appearance of almost every part of your body. So, whether you get tired after wearing high heels or tired of wearing eyelashes, plastic surgeries can easily solve your problems.

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