Health Benefits of Jogging

health benefits of jogging

Health benefits of jogging

Many people might be wondering if jogging is actually good for your health. The reason is obvious, as jogging is known to be one of the best healthy habits to have. Jogging provides us with several benefits that will help to live a healthy life.

There is no need to purchase special equipment to practice jogging. Additionally, jogging does not have any age restrictions. Moreover, jogging does not require special time frame and can be easily integrated in our daily routine. You can jog in the morning or in the evening, depending on your schedule.

In this article we will look through the benefits of jogging that we can obtain by implementing it in a daily routine.

Jogging Improves Cardiovascular Health

Exercising jogging in a regular basis enhances our blood pressure and allow us to take control over it. Daily trainings enable our heart to pump blood in a faster pace.

As a result, cardiovascular system strengthens and the risk of getting heart strokes and heart diseases reduces. Additionally, thanks to jogging, managing sugar levels in our blood and level of cholesterol becomes easier.

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Health benefits of jogging – Stronger Bones

Any physical exercise, including jogging stresses out our organisms. When we jog, muscles in our bodies help to cope with that stress. In order to resist the stress, our muscles pull on our bones, especially feet bones.

Dr. Roger E. Adam, the owner of eatrightfitness says that every time when our foot strikes the pavement, our bones ionize. As a consequence, more calcium and other important nutrients are pulled from our blood, increasing the density in our bones. This in turn, helps to reduce likelihood of development of osteoporosis.

According to researchers from University of Missouri, people who run regularly have better bone mineral density (BMD), compared to those who practice cycling or other forms of resistance training.

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Jogging Helps to Lose Weight

Another benefit of jogging is that, it helps us to lose extra weight that we carry on. In order to have a healthy body weight, calories that we gain and spend should be in balance.

However, busy workload in the office may force us to sit at the same spot long hours. As a result, we are unable to spent most of the calories that we gain throughout the day. Because of higher rate of calorie input, we gain additional weight. In order to equalize, or maybe to surpass calorie intake, jogging could be a good solution.

Based on variety of factors like body weight, gender and genetics of a person, on average, from 180 to 266 calories can be burnt in 30 minutes long jog.

In order to lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories.. In other words, if we run around an hour a day, we can expect to lose one pound of fat in a week.


Benefits of Jogging – Mental Health

Improved mental health is another benefit of jogging. By running regularly, we can build a good physical shape. Good shape gives us additional confidence and better self-esteem.

Long runs test us with different barriers. In order to overcome those barriers, we learn how to be determined and try to focus our attention on those obstacles. Despite exhaustion and fatigue, we feel satisfied every time we complete jogging through the long distance.

Overcoming all those challenges gives us the taste of success and strength. As a result, we will be able to improve our mental health.

Another mental benefit of jogging is that it helps to relief stress. During jogging, we can either simply forget about problems that bother us, or think about different solutions to those problems without being distracted.

Apart from that, jogging allow us to release endorphins. Endorphins determine our level of happiness. The more we have them, the more happy and satisfied we feel.

Jogging Prolong Life Span

We have already mentioned that jogging helps us to be healthy both physically and mentally. By including jogging in our daily routine, we prevent various diseases.  Being healthy allows us to prolong our life.

According to the research that was conducted for around 15 years among 55,000 people-  on average, runners live 3 years longer compared to non-runners. In other words, one hour of running may have seven hours of life benefit.

health benefits of jogging

To conclude, there are many health benefits of jogging. By including jogging exercises in our daily lives, we may obtain and sustain healthy life thus, prolong our life span.

If you are beginner and just decided to start jogging, we recommend you listening to free podcasts of nhs – couch to 5k. The program is especially perfect for beginners. By following the tips in the CouchTo5K podcast, in nine weeks, you should be able to run 5 kilometers.

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