5 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

Reasons to eat less meat

Reasons to eat less meat

Many people consume meat products in quite large amounts daily. Here are several strong arguments to reconsider these eating habits.

Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases

For several decades, scientists have been paying much attention to study the reasons of heart diseases. The results of numerous experiments show that in countries where people consume less saturated fat and animal proteins , the mortality level from cardiovascular diseases is much lower than in those regions where meat is a significant part of the diet.

People who have a well-balanced diet and prefer more vegetables, fruits and whole grain products experience less heart related problems. Furthermore, consuming an excessive amount of animal products(meat, milk, eggs, fish) leads to an increase in cholesterol in the blood, whereas vegetables and greens help to reduce the cholesterol levels.

Reasons to eat less meat  –  To avoid chemicals

Reasons to eat less meatIt may be impossible for you to completely give up consuming meat and practice vegetarianism for the rest of your life. However it maybe very beneficial for your health to reduce the amount of its consumption.

In fact, it is quite difficult to find high-quality meat nowadays. Most of the meat production companies add various chemicals to preserve the “freshness” of the meat, slow down the process of rotting and prolong the shelf-life of their products. If meat distributors would be selling sold their goods in its original form without adding preservatives, it would undoubtedly be much more useful and healthy. However this would be not cost-efficient for businesses.

Reasons to eat less meat  –  Healthy body weight

Nowadays vegetarianism is a new fashion. Many people try to follow this lifestyle. Refusal from meat products is not a panacea for obesity. However, a lot of  studies prove that vegetarian eating speeds up metabolism by an average of 16%.

However, nutrition specialists do not recommend giving up meat consumption fully. Meat has a lot of useful nutrients for our body. In many cases the meat rejection causes a deficiency in b-vitamins and also iron and zinc. However, partial rejection of meat helps to get rid of excessive weight.

Discover a new type of diet

Everything has its undeniable advantages. For example, if you decide to eat less meat, you will have an incredible opportunity to discover new culinary horizons. You will be able to try new dishes and discover new foods you like. By the way, sometimes, plant-based food can be much more nutritious and tastier than animal-based one.

Reasons to eat less meat  –  Lower acidity in the body

Reasons to eat less meat

In addition to the fact that meat protein and fats are poorly absorbed by our body, meat products have another not pleasant feature: they supply our body with excess acid.

The fact is that any food is a set of different chemical components. These components release either acid or alkali after being digested. Thus, the meat is dominated by acidic minerals.

Why is it dangerous? Our body contains a certain percentage of acid and any serious deviation can lead to unpleasant diseases.

Reasons to eat less meat  –  Support the planet

Indeed, the production of meat worsens the greenhouse effect. Cows, sheep, and other ruminants produce a large amount of methane gas during digestion. And methane gas is twenty one times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

How much meat can we eat without harm to our health?

Our body spends a lot of energy and needs about 6 hours to digest it. Thus, it is better to choose from a meat menu in the afternoon. For example, 100-150 grams of properly cooked meat for lunch will be a great option.

If you consume a lot of meat first thing in the morning, you may feel lazy all day long because your body will direct a lot of useful energy to food digestion.

Try not to eat meat for dinner, especially before going to bed. There is a risk of heartburn and heaviness. Your metabolism slows down and you may gain extra pounds. If you are very hungry, and the body requires protein food, give a preference to low-fat fish or chicken breast instead of red meat.

It is also a great idea to have one or two meat-free days a week. This type of “detox” can be useful for your body and overall health.

You do not have to fully eliminate meat from your daily diet, because meat has a great amount of useful properties. Just watch the portions. And remember that your choices at the table have a global impact.

Hopefully, you found useful information in this article. Stay beautiful and healthy! 🙂

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