Circuit workout- why is it perfect for beginners practising cardio

Circuit workout
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A circuit workout is a method of exercise. Here, you get the combination of the benefits of weight lifting along with cardio workout. For beginners, circuit workout is ideal because it allows you to pinpoint the types of workouts you enjoy. Generally, the most frequent reason for failure in an exercise program is losing motivation early on.

Mainly, boredom or frustration causes this. So, when you start with circuit workout, it ensures that you stay enthusiastic. Also, it helps you stay committed to your workout program. Read on to get more reasons why beginners practising cardio must start with circuit workout.

Results in a short period of time

First, circuit workout helps a cardio workout beginner get optimum results in minimum time. Honestly, nobody has a lot of time every day to spend at the gym. Hence, a this type of workout is the most ideal routine for the time-crunched cardio beginners.

You may begin any number of stations you want and continue with the circuit till your time elapses. This way, you will fit in an efficient and full-body workout whether you got an hour or less.

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Circuit workout is flexible

Second, as mentioned above, you can beat the gym boredom as circuit training is quite a flexible type of workout. To begin with, the alternatives in the way you organize your workouts are unlimited. You might be a person who loves to hold to one habit for a while to determine your progress. Similarly, you might be one who prefers mixing it up each time you attend your gym. Either way, having a strategy is going to make you more efficient and more confident.

Cardio and strength workout at the same time

Third, you will get the advantages of a cardio and strength workout. You may love cardio workout but understand you ought to do weights too. Therefore, forcing yourself to do a whole workout you don’t appreciate can be tiresome. Thus, this type of workout provides the excellent of both worlds. This is by letting you mix interims of high-intensity cardio workout with heavy-weight-lifting. This way, you get to enjoy for a full and seriously kick-butt-workout.

Good metabolism

Fourth, with circuit workout, you will send your metabolism flying. This is because of the numerous advantages of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval-Training) and heavy-weight-lifting. Subsequently, the circuit workout beats your fat-burning boiler into top gear. In addition, you will burn more calories within 20 minutes. This is in contrast to what you would in a whole hour on the elliptical going through a magazine.

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Diversity in choosing the equipment

Lastly, you will have an opportunity to try all the newest fitness equipment. Particularly, circuit trainings lets you mix in a variety of moves by the use of various gym tools. These include the TRX, kettlebells or Bosu. This way, you become useful to new equipment minus committing to a whole workout using the tool.

In order to familiarize you with circuit training, we offer you to try right now. We’ve prepared an amazing 20- minute full body workout. It’s perfect for all levels. Each exercise is performed in 30 seconds. There are also two 1- minute breakes. Though, you can have rest any time you feel the necessity. Let’s start!

Squat jumps

Put your legs shoulder-width apart. Then, get down, bending your knees, so that the thighs are parallel to the floor. At the same time, bend your elbows. Remain in this position for a second. Then, straighten up and jump up.

Jumping Jack

Stand up straight, legs together, and arms are pressed to the body. Then, jump and at the same time spread your legs to the sides, slightly wider than shoulders . At the same time raise your arms up as if you are flapping your wings. In the end, your hands should be above your head. Then, jump again and put your feet together. Arms down.

Plank Jacks

First, rest your elbows on the floor, and put your legs together so that they rest on the socks. After, push the legs off the floor and move them apart. As a result, they should be slightly wider than shoulders. Then push the feet off the floor again and put them in the starting position. Hands and body remain motionless.

Mountain climbers

The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. There you will have to alternate legs. First, bend your right knee and pull it up to your body. Then return your leg to its original position. Bend your left knee and pull it up to your body. Return your leg to the original position.


Put your feet shoulder-width apart, arms bend in elbows. Hands hold together closer to your chin. Bend your knees and get down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, straighten the legs and press on your right led. Stretch your left leg to the side. After take the starting position. Straighten your legs again and press on your left leg. Stretch your right leg to the side. Then take the starting position again.


Rest your palms and socks on the floor, while your body should be straight and parallel to the floor. Then, raise your body, arms straightened. Bend your elbows again and return to the original position.

Up & down plank

Position as in the previous exercise. Only here you have to work with your hands. Thus, bend your right hand and rest your elbow on the floor. Next bend your left hand and rest your elbow on the floor. While bending your left hand, the right one remains motionless. Straighten your right arm in succession, then the left one. All these movements must be completed consistently.

Straight leg

Remain in position as in the previous exercise. Only here you must bend your knees. Kickback your right leg as high as possible. After return it to the starting position. Repeat the same with the left leg. 30 seconds for each leg.

Side plank

Press on the left elbow and left toe, so as your body’s left side is parallel to the floor. The right leg should be on the left leg. While right arm should extend straights toward the the head. Bend your elbow and your knee. Then, pull the knee to the elbow as close as possible. After, return your arm and leg to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other side. 30 seconds for each side.

Lay down push-ups

Lay on your stomach, arms spread out to the sides. The legs should rest on the floor on socks. First, lift your body up against your palms, straightening your arms. Then, lie on your stomach again, and stretch your arms to the sides.


Lie down on the floor and put your hands behind your head, elbows bent. In this position, push off the breast as much as possible from the floor. Return to the starting position.

Superman pull

Remain as in the previous exercise. Push off your beast from the floor. Stretch your arms straight towards your head. Then bend them in the elbows.

T rotation

Position as for the plank. While pushing your right elbow, stretch up your left arm, so that your body turn up and left. After, return your left arm to the original position. Stretch up your right arm, while the left elbow rests on the floor.

Inner leg

Press your left elbow so that the entire left foot is on the floor and the body is raised. Then, put your right leg forward, bending at knee. Lift your left leg without changing position. Change sides.

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In conclusion, the circuit workout helps you to gradually develop in your cardio workout routine. As your body grows stronger, you’ll be more knowledgeable. Later, you can judge what workouts will have the perfect effect for you. Now, start off circuit workout and get on the road to fitness today!

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