What is Normal Bowel Movement – Natural Ways to Activate It

natural ways to encourage stimulate bowel movement
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What is normal bowel movement?

Normal bowel movement is crucial to your body. Not only it helps undigested food to dispel from your system, but also get rid of various wastes and toxins that the body eliminates through your stool. However, the issue of what is normal can be quite confusing. Even your physician will not give you an accurate answer if you ask them the ideal number of bowel movements a healthy person should have in a day. So what exactly is Normal Bowel Movement?

Some people will have as many as three bowel movements in a day whereas others will only experience it once in a week. The thing is there is no single description of what is normal and what is not. Bowel movements are unique to each individual and may vary depending on factors such as diet and body metabolism. Normally, physicians consider a spectrum to estimate conditions and place them in the range of normal ones. If you want to determine the normalcy of your bowel movement, you may try to observe signs that take your bowel movement outside the range of your normal stool.

How to notice if I have problems with bowels

Once in a while, it is common to experience a change, or disruption, of bowel movement compared to the accustomed one. This may entail hard and dry stool that poses a challenge to pass or loose, watery stool that takes place more frequently than the body is used to. Generally, bowel movement that occurs less than three times a week is considered constipation whereas three or more loose movements in a day is termed as diarrhea. If you notice any lasting deviations from your usual bowel habits, it is crucial that you discuss it with your physician to figure out the problem.

Dangers of constipation and diarrhea

Constipation and diarrhea are rather adverse for your body. The prior one is causing a raw of side effects such as headaches, hemorrhoids (caused more frequently by chronicle constipation), acnes (a way to break out toxins from your body) to name just a few. The main danger of constipation is that a number of toxins are absorbed and transported across your body, causing the initiation of various diseases. 

As for diarrhea, not only it may cause unpleasant situations in unexpected periods of your day. It may as well become a reason for dehydration, which is a dangerous condition if you neglect it, as far as huge amount of water and electrolytes is lost. 

It is crucial that you move with haste to remedy either of the conditions as the importance of normalized bowel movement to your body cannot be overemphasized.

Natural ways to stimulate bowel movement

Luckily, there is a number of simple natural ways to encourage bowel movement and get your gut back to its usual self. Consider the following edibles and methods:

Lemon juice
Lemon juice mixed with water helps to fight constipation
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A glass of water with lemon juice in the morning and before retiring to bed will assist to push your stool down the gut. You should use a straw other than drinking mixture directly from the glass in order to protect sensitive teeth. 

Olive oil

Drinking a spoonful of olive oil before breakfast can facilitate the movement of stool down the gut.

Lemon juice mixed with water helps to fight constipation
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The oil lubricates the walls of the gut, making for a smooth passage of solid meals and softening the stool.

Prunes or prune juice

Prune juice is a traditional remedy that has for a long time been used to treat constipation.

Prune juice helps in constipation
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The fruit is rich in sorbitol, which functions as a laxative to get you defecating comfortably once again. 

Fluids and  Hot beverages

A lot of fluids in your body will go a long way to remedy your digestion problems. Try drinking around 12 glasses of water a day to refresh your system and to ensure that any solid foods in the gut are broken down to finer particles. A cup of hot water will also settle your stomach, aside from enhancing the peristaltic process.

How beverages assist in normalizing bowel movements
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Beverages like tea and coffee are not only great refreshments but also have a diuretic effect. Diuretics facilitate the production of urine, making sure that you have to visit the toilet more often. Drinking coffee further enhances movement, providing the same effect that hot water has of breaking down solids.


Remember how you sometimes rush to the toilet to relieve yourself? But then realize that nothing is going to come out? For some individuals, if their stool is unsuccessful, they stop trying to relieve their stool. However, this shouldn’t be the case! What you need to do is stay patient and try switching the position on the toilet. Ensure that your knees are higher than the hips with your back straight. When you feel something moving, tense your stomach to the make sure that it comes down.


If you observe deteriorations in your bowel health, they may be signals about problems with the health overall. There is a misconception that regular bowel movements are an indicator of normalcy. Generally, normal bowel movements consist of formed, brown stools, not too hard, not too loose. However, individual’s bowels are unique, and one should learn their body to understand what is normal condition for them. If natural ways don’t assist you in normalizing your bowels, your may need to consult your doctor to check your health.


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