Top 7 Unusual Hotels in the World

unusual hotels

Unusual hotels in the world

In case you are looking for a peculiar vacation, you are in the right place to take a recommendation from! Here we tried to discover the quirkiest, most unusual hotels from everywhere throughout the world. Hope you find one for yourself and make the best memories visiting it one day.

Lodging de Glace (Ice Hotel), Canada

Lodging de Glace is something other than a vacation destination, it is a beautiful yearly occasion. Created from snow and ice every winter, this amazing inn even has furniture cut from squares of ice.

In fact, five weeks out of each winter are taken by specialists and modelers to shape the building from tons of ice and snow. Theme of the construction differs from one year to another, so it is never the same.

Also, there is a cozy place for relaxation – an open air Nordic zone with its bubbling spas and saunas, accessible for visitors from 9 pm to 9 am.

Propeller Island City Lodge (Berlin, Germany)

This is an ideal place if you prefer exploring workmanship and odd stylistic layouts. The style of rooms also varies drastically. So, if you find the room that you adore, the next one may make you loath it. Would you like to encounter sleeping in a jail cell, a coffin or even a lion’s cage?

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

Both unique and unusual, this beautiful Bolivian inn is made of a pure salt! An idea of the salt inn first came to Juan Quesada Valda, who needed to urge his guests to feel closer to the nature and be able to observe the surrounding scenes.

Just as being absolutely stand-out, this destination is additionally loaded with all brand new extravagances, with spa offices and beautiful views open to the mountains.

ArkaBarka, Serbia

Arranged on the Danube stream in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, this inn is placed under the water. ArkaBarka is also one of the world’s most unusual place to stay on your vacation.

Known as the Floating Hostel, this is a cosmopolitan destination that intends to associate explorers through culture and entertainment. It’s glass front and overhangs offer beautiful perspectives of the stream and the city, skimming on the water’s surface.

In a perfect world arranged to investigate Belgrade, this is an eccentric choice especially appropriate to explorers.

Crane Hotel, Netherlands

Crane Hotel in Netherlands is really a unique inn. This B&B is a genuine, working, changed over crane arranged on the docks of Harlingen.

In fact, it has just one (but exceptionally luxurious!) room, with a fabulous stylistic layout and incredible administration from the proprietors Willem and Carla.

Earthship Biotecture, New Mexico

Earthship Biotecture is definitely on the list of world’s top unusual hotels. It’s not only an unusual place to visit, but also an academy to learn more about recycling and nature protection. The Earthship Project consists of several houses and each of them is really unique and intriguing. It has been running effectively in view of its brilliant sustainable cases.

Earthship Biotecture may not become the most precious memory in your life. Nevertheless, all the advanced conveniences are accessible making it an extraordinary alternative for bringing in difference and unforgettable moments for you.

Kumbuk Hotel, Sri Lanka

Once you have a chance for traveling, head toward the spectacular Kumbuk Hotel. It is a perfect place to remain for spending time with your loved ones or with your family. The magnificence of the surrounding territories is amazing – just imagine living right in the stomach of an elephant for a couple of nights!

Furthermore, in a day-time, you may go fishing or investigate the mind-blowing trails of the woodland. Early morning is an ideal opportunity to detect the breathtaking peacocks and at sunsets, you can enjoy a couple of yummy barbecues.


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