Climate changes: accelerated melting of Antarctica

Climate changes: accelerated melting of Antarctica
Cassie Matias

The accelerated melting of Antarctica’s ices is a perfect identifier of the intense climate change. This problem has raised an alarm in the world. Recently, NASA scientists found huge cavity under one of Antarctica’s biggest ice sheets. The cavity held about 14 billion tons of ice. For comparison, that’s about two-thirds of the size of Manhattan.

In fact, the ice sheets in Antarctica have a role of floating dams. They do not let the continental ice to flow into the ocean. Thus, they prevent the ocean level from rapid rise. After finding that cavity, scientists discovered that human being is underestimating the speed of ice melting. All of these are the signs of global warming.

Ice sheet floating in the ocean
William Bossen

The effects of climate change have given rise to a series of negative issues that work against human life. Therefore, it’s now important to look at this problem more keenly and provide a speedy solution. Climate change is attributed to both natural and human factors. However, human factor has widely contributed to the drastic climate change.

Why climate changes are occurring and what are the effects?

Increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

This is one of the key reasons why we are now experiencing a drastic climate change. It’s true that the greenhouse gases have a great impact in altering the climate. To explain, it has an effect on heat absorption. These greenhouse gases include carbon IV oxide, the nitrous oxide, methane, and ozone. These gases are emitted from industrial activities and absorb heat radiations. As a result, they interfere into heat balance in the atmosphere.

The increased concentration of greenhouse gases has brought about global warming. The warmer conditions have noticeably accelerated such activities, as evaporation and precipitation. Unfortunately, they’re bringing about negative environmental conditions. In the near future, some countries will experience wet conditions, while others will experience very hot weather.

Bike in the forest where felled trees
Marcin Kempa

Land use changes

Today, humans have changed their land using practices and some are even resorting to deforestation. Though, this practice has a great impact on the environment. It should be noted that trees are responsible for absorption of gases, including carbon IV oxide. When humans clear down trees, it means that the carbon dioxide concentration will increase drastically. On the other hand, reverse process starts when trees are planted. In fact, there are some countries that promote afforestation.

Factory smokes from chimneys
Martin Adams


This is another important factor that has led to climate change. The world is developing technology. Therefore, industries are sometimes resorting to superior ways for energy production. You might have heard that some industries are using nuclear power, coal, and other. This power alternatives have increased the concentrations of the carbon IV oxide in the atmosphere. For instance, coal burning influences the climate. It interferes with the heat balance in the atmosphere, hence resulting in global warming.

What can we do to prevent it?

The solution is always with us. We can make less negative effect on the environmental changes by promoting and introducing following activities:

  1. Utilizing renewable sources of energy for powering our houses, our small enterprises or even bigger firms. Solar energy, for instance, is an important source of power that needs to be considered.
  2. It’s always wise to invest in the energy efficient appliances. Thus, you will ensure that energy consumption in your house is reduced. Energy efficient appliances do really help a lot in saving energy.
  3. Learn to use water properly. Avoid wastages of water and learn to re-use waste water always.
  4. Ensure that you practice afforestation. Deforestation is highly discouraged. Make certain that your environment is self-sufficient with all the necessary plants. They will consequently create a balanced environment.
  5. Always be at the forefront by creating awareness about climate change. Let the people around you understand the importance of conserving the environment. Be vocal in big masses and make it known that it’s important to save the environment!
Two pieces of ice in Antarctica
Ray Laskey


To conclude, climate changes is something that we must take care of. For achieving this, we need to enforce necessary practices. Many environmental changes are a result of human activity. Therefore, it’s also what humans can fix! Let’s work together to achieve the desired goals of a peaceful and balanced ecosystem. Create good conditions free from hazards for future generations!

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