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Choosing the right gift for your loved one 

Are you wondering how to select the best gift for that special someone? Then you are in for a treat. Imagine giving someone a gift that induces tears of joy down their chubby cheeks, that is a clear indication that you nailed it. But when you get it wrong you will immediately note it from their facial expression.

gifts are sign of attentions and love comes from ancient times
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For many years people have adopted gift sharing as a sign of love and friendship. Gifts can also keep people who have been far apart closer than ever.

According to psychologists Emma Kenny, gifts are emotionally loaded. It’s either you manage to choose the right gift and make someone really happy or don’t deliver any positive emotions by the gift.

It is a fact that everyone wants to get this part right. But how do you nail it?

Tips to Choose a Gift for Loved & Close Ones

amaze your loved ones with the right gift
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Observation / Analyze Approach

To have a clue of what your loved ones want you must have the third eye. A good example is when you two go shopping and he or she regretfully leaves a certain object behind because they cannot afford it. If it is within your power to acquire this gift, why not to consider it?

Understanding what your partner may want to see or always have in mind helps you give him the best gift. It doesn’t matter how simple it may look or it really is, if he or she has passed it several times, acquiring it as a gift will uplift their spirits.

Don’t Get What You Desire: Likes and Dislikes

Some people will acquire a gift because it’s their favourite. This is not how you nail it.

choose what your partner truly loves, not what you like
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Your friend may have different interests and desires, getting him something that you like may send negative energy that you are forcing them to accept something he or she is not comfortable with.

Your personal interest should be least in consideration. Unless if you and your loved ones are sharing something special and you are certain that he or she is not faking it.

Empathy – Another Key for the Best Gift

Empathy helps you to think in the other person’s perspective. Put yourself in your friend’s shoes and think about their passions and interests. Do not assume, take time to think it over and over. You may want to acquire something unique for him or her, but first, confirm if they don’t have a whole collection of the same back at home. Otherwise, your efforts might be useless.

Showing the person you love that you truly understand the gift you are giving to them, show that your care and concern, which are a sign of true love.

Explore Various Options 

A perfect gift doesn’t have to be tangible; you can take them to a special event hosted by their favourite artist or take them on a trip to a foreign land.

An experience like this builds up wonderful memories that last a lifetime, unlike something tangible that could lose value with time.

A trip as a gift demands home evaluation, you don’t want to take your family to a place they hate. In most cases, people often mention places they would like to visit once in their lifetime. This is your chance to take them there.

However, gifts like this can be rather expensive. Ensure you are financially capable first and don’t get sad if you can’t afford it this time. This time you may give them a small thingy, which will indicate your attention to him or her, which is the most important of all. 

Add in a Little Effort

A little effort is all it takes to make a masterpiece. The same applies to gifts. Some gifts ignite emotions. Imagine on your anniversary, he turns up dressed exactly the same way he looked years back on your first date, with some flowers and the same background music.

Nothing could make a lady happier than to show that you remembered and cherished the first date.

As simple as that, those lovely flowers will be a gift to remember for more years to come. They may even be added among her favourite flowers.


Get creative while chosing the right gift for your loved one. Depending on how well you know her/him, you can come up with various gifts that are not that expensive but works for all. A good example is taking your children out for a special lunch, where they can eat anything they want. This is also one way to get children to like you more.

As simple as a lunch out may sound, it’s one of those creative gifts you can give to your children and make wonderful memories. Not everyone can afford to acquire expensive gadgets for their loved ones.

Stay up to Date

If you intend to acquire a tech gadget for that tech expert that you love so much, consider getting the latest model. Day after day technology advances. You don’t want to be left behind acquiring out of date gadget for a tech expert.

The same applies to video games and PlayStations, the latest model is the best.

Get the Best

Some gifts will require a little saving to acquire, but they are worth the hustle. If you intend to acquire something that comes in various versions, acquiring the best quality will earn you favor in your loved one’s eyes. You don’t want day your partner to realize he or she is wearing something cheap yet you can afford the expensive ones.

This can be treated as a sign of neglect, a sign that you don’t appreciate them. So get the best to save you the trouble of explaining yourself.

Brainstorm Various Ideas

If you don’t know your loved ones well enough yet, it’s advisable to search for more ideas on gifts that suit their criteria. The modern world has enriched us with ideas from the Internet. You can bump into a few and choose which once your child or partner may love the most.

know your loved ones better to give them right gifts
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The modern world demands so much time from us, hardly would people get the time to know or remember everything about their loved ones. But that should not be an excuse to get the worst gift ever. Remember every gift counts whether small or big it is. All it takes is a little effort to transform a simple gift to the best gift ever. It’s all in the power of the mind.

Choosing the right gift for people you love may be quite a challenging task. Hopefully this guide will help you to chose the right gift that will make those tears of joy flow down the cheeks of your loved one! ❤️

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