Why some people cry more, than others?

Why some people cry more than other?
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Crying is a normal life aspect, whether it’s over work disappointment, losing loved one or breakup. Shedding tears sometimes is an effective way of releasing emotions and processing some difficult situations. In addition, crying comes from sensory overload, when someone cannot articulate emotions surging through the body. Also people cry as a response to certain stimuli. These might be anger, sadness, death, perceived injustices or certain happben iness feeling.

Although most people cry due to intense emotion or energy buildup, some cry more than others. Researchers are still trying to figure out why some individuals get weepy more than others. Besides, what makes one individual cry will not necessarily make the next individual cry too. Here are a few known reasons as to why some people cry more than others.


Stereotypically, female gender is known to weep more than the male one. Women are emotional and caring to almost everything, especially when it comes to their young ones. As a result of their emotionality, they have lack of sleep or stress. Women are more likely to cry as a way of expressing their emotions and love. Even when in a certain predicament, women mostly weep, than talk, to show they are scared.

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Personality differences

Everybody has his/her own unique and different personality, a collection of traits, cognitions, and behaviors. Certain personalities are correlated with weeping more frequently than others. Some research carried out shows that neurotic people are more likely to cry even simply confronted. Consequently, extroverts are prone to crying when in predicaments.

On the other hand, empathetic ones are observed to weep more. They can just cry simply because someone else is crying due to tenderheartedness. Recently carried research shows that about 20% of people are classified as highly sensitive persons (HSPs). HSPs process both positive and negative information more quickly, thus thoroughly making them prone to crying.


Depression, a mood disorder characterized by numbness or sadness. In fact, this persistent feeling can lead to unexpected crying. Moreover, it happens to people who had changed in how much they cry, and consistent with their mood. And, this reciprocates them as individuals crying out of depression. Some of the depression signs are hopelessness, loss of interest, sadness, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Consequently, these signs can make some people cry more than others.


Anxiety disorder brings excessive irritability, worrying and difficulty in concentrating resulting in tears. America Anxiety and Depression Association says that most mental health illness is caused by an anxiety disorder. Second, it affects about 18% of the U.S. population. Thus, people suffering from this are more likely to cry more than others. If you experience excess anxiety feeling, visit a professional, for medication, therapy or life change recommendations.

Early trauma

People who encountered traumatic childhood or extreme traumatic events can weep more than expressing other response. The individual might suffer this in a somatic responsive way irrespective of the traumatic event extent. As a result, the early memories haunt their future which can make them cry more. Visiting a professional is the only option!

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When your body is processing bad news, anxiety and sadness feelings start overwhelming you. As a result, negative feeling surpasses, allowing tears to readily flow. Scientific study shows that stress raises cortisol level. As a result, increasing reactivity and hypersensitivity to a challenging situation. This can make stressed people cry more than others without knowing it.

Hormones level

Hormones control our body functions, like reproduction, mood, emotions, and hunger. Hormone levels, like menopause or postpartum and premenstrual time, can make women weep more easily. Hormones shift is periodical and can be expressed through grief making her cry more. Moreover, they manifest themselves through restlessness and sometimes moody swings.

Socialization process

Women generally encounter feelings in a greater capacity than men. Women talk about, explore, and show their feelings more than men especially from a younger age. As a result, crying expresses grief, vulnerability or sadness which is familiar to them. Teen boys can hold tears but girls can openly cry more than boys to express feelings.

Generally, some people cry when hurt, sad or when moved on by something unique. Individuals need to know more about themselves and others, so as to control any crying scenario. It takes heart to show love and concern. Sometimes, crying jelps to feel released. Though, if you cry a lot for nothing, then you most probably need to go to a specialist. Take care of your emotional health and stability!

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