Recommendations on familiarizing your kids with religion

Familiarize your kids with religion

All religions teach almost same foundation of morals, faith or beliefs. For those who believe, religion helps to shape up and choose between right and wrong. At some point parents find necessity of discussing on this topic with children.We are living in a society where the religious values have been totally changed. Though, religion anyways takes considerable part of our culture. Some consider that religious values are important for brighter and peaceful future of upcoming generation. Others, conversely, avoid this topic because their beliefs differ.

It does not matter whether you are a religious parent or an atheist. Though, religion is an integral part of our culture, art, politics. Our children find out what is religion and that there are different beliefs. Therefore, we cannot imagine the existence of our life without religion. Here are recommendations on how you can discuss about religion with your kids.

Familiarize your kids with religion
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Start at early age

Parents hesitate talking on such serious topics with kids at early age. Though, you can explain basic things as early as possible. Naturally, you will teach your child about your beliefs or faith. As they grow older, you can provide them with more explanations. You can introduce religious values through cartoon films and then ask about the moral they learnt from the film. This could help you to relate the religious values.

Teach your kid to different religion

The first thing to teach them is respect everyone’s beliefs. For that you need to educate yourself about various religions. Afterwards, share your knowledge with the kids in interesting manner. Also, you can mark your calendar with different religious festivals, like Diwali, Ed ul fitar ,and Christmas etc. To make it more interesting, try to celebrate with your kids.

Besides, telling them histories of festivals, why and how we should celebrate these festivals will be beneficial too. As a result, it will create some kind of enthusiasm in kids. By waking the interest to other religions in your kids, you help them to be tolerant. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we must not forget about simple morals.

Introducing religion by atheist parent

According to a research, there is growing number of people who don’t follow any religion. If you’re an atheist and concerned about how to introduce religion in your child’s life, you can send them to some kind of religious classes. Alternatively, you can learn together. As a parent you should present all the religions, faiths, and beliefs equal. Even if your kid will have the same views as you, it’s gonna be good opportunity for you to get closer to each other.

Familiarize your kids with religionTry to answer questions with patience

Children often ask unexpected questions, like why we are doing prayer ? Who is Jesus? It is really important to listen to them carefully and try to explain them everything. All in all, conversations help to create a link between children and parents. Such conversations might make you closer to each other, since you share your knowledge. Moreover, it’s better to get right answers from parents, than from someone from the street.

Let your children choose their own beliefs

Never try to impose your beliefs to your children. It may happen that your child has different religious interest, than you. Instead, guide them and let them choose their own faith. Teach them the difference between fact and faith. Moreover, explain them ethics and the value of science. Always support them in choice of religion.

Don’t force them to be religious

Kids want to have fun and play. So it is quite natural if they find this topic boring. Therefore, don’t force them to sit and listen or read about religious values. Let them enjoy their fun time too. If it’s crucial to make your children religious, give them time. You can try to make this topic interesting and add some fun to it. If you narrate any religious story with lots of pictures, it can help them to connect with some story. Children’s thoughts are full of imagination.

Familiarize your kids with religion
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Religion is connected to many spheres of our lives. We celebrate religious holidays, we watch religious movies. There are plenty of great pictures on religious thematic. Many political decisions are based on religious beliefs. Therefore, do not try to isolate your children from this topic. Actually, you can consider it as an opportunity for personal growth.

For some people, religion helps a lot. Particularly, they believe that it makes the person internally strong, positive, honest and good toward others. Others might disagree with such views . However, as parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids right things. No matter what beliefs you have, you can familiarize your kids with this topic. Consequently, it’s gonna have positive effects on personal growth. Tolerance, knowledge of other cultures, acquaintance with history are the main advantages of learning the subject.

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