All You Need To Know About Eleuthera Island

Eleuthera Island

Eleuthera Island is a beach for swimmers, snorkelers and shell collectors. It’s a place where one has everything for themselves. Further, this island is heaven for beach enthusiasts who love privacy and perfect natural beauty. Eleuthera Island is 110 miles long and having a population of only 8000. Moreover, it’s an island of rolling sleepy villages and green hills. In a so special way, there are no shops on the island, no traffic, and no crowds.

The guidebooks love to note that Eleuthera Island doesn’t have even one traffic light. However, that isn’t unusual when you imagine that most of this island has just a single paved road. The Queen’s Highway, as people know it, is a 2-lane country road. On it, you may drive for many miles minus meeting another car. Generally, there’s little necessity for a map on an island. That is because it’s smaller, than a mile wide for long stretches. Accordingly, you’ll never be far from the beach.

Tourism Opportunities in Eleuthera Island

Eleuthera IslandExcellent Infrastructure

Eleuthera Island has excellent infrastructure because it was a U.S. Navy base for several years. In addition, the island possesses 3 airports. One of them is to the south of this island in Rock Sound. The other is in Central Eleuthera (Governors Harbour) and lastly one to the north. Municipal water, high-speed internet, reliable electricity and cell phone service are accessible throughout Eleuthera.

Atlantic and The Caribbean Sides

The 2 sides of Eleuthera appear to be very distinctive seas. The Atlantic front is popular for its top-class, pink-sand shores which are miles long and normally deserted. Along the off-shore reef system holds the surf light on the Atlantic shores in the middle section of this island. Conversely, the Caribbean found on the west face, is shallow for a vast distance out. It’s ordinarily calm like a lake. Nevertheless, the beaches aren’t as dramatic or as wide as the ones on the Atlantic section.

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Snorkeling and Diving

Coral reefs provide world-class snorkelling and diving. The Devil’s Backbone is among the most popular Eleuthera dive. Certainly, this dive is a huge coral structure off North Eleuthera, and ill-famed for destroying ships. The Current Cut is another narrow channel having currents which frequently get to 10 knots. This spot now among the ten ideal dives on the world. Buttonwood Beach possesses a shipwreck. Here, there’s even a capsized train wreckage off the north shore of this island.

Deep-sea fishing and Bonefishing

Eleuthera Island is popular for deep-sea fishing and bonefishing. Also, spear-fishing and reef fishing are common. The Caribbean front of this island is actually free of the surf. Consequently, it provides outstanding conditions for windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking. Trails into the woods and fields are classic for hiking, jogging, and even mountain biking. However, you won’t get them in a guidebook or on a map. So, ask a native or wait for trails on the road side.

Under the sea, brown fish swimming near corals
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Great Sightseeing

Eleuthera provides varied and special sightseeing. The Hatchet-Bay-Cave stretches for a mile under. On the Cliffs, huge ocean swells bang into a coral hill. Additionally, the Rock-Sound-Ocean-Hole is allegedly bottomless. It’s an inland salt lake intersecting with the subterranean ways into the sea.

By the way, you can feed the gentle saltwater fish while miles off the ocean. The Glass-Window-Bridge that owes it painting to Winslow Homer, is the thinnest point on this island. Thereby, this is where the quiet turquoise Caribbean waters nearly meet the turbulent deep Atlantic blue.

The huge Preacher’s Cave offered a home for the earliest European dwellers of Eleuthera. Furthermore, it was their initial church. The Queen’s Baths is a set of tiny pools of the delicate rock. Their formation was by the wave activity. Now, at low tiding, you can bathe together with the small fishes. Ordinarily, these spots are all within their pristine nature.

Live Music

Live music is common on Eleuthera island. This is a part-time residence of Lenny Kravitz together with his band. Similarly, Mariah Carey and Patti Labelle have residences here, too. The island has diverse yearly events, from the Ride-for-Hope to Pineapple Festival. Also, you’ll find the North Eleuthera Regatta and the International Food Fair.

In conclusion, Eleuthera possesses a number of attractive beach resorts and a great variety of vacation rentals. They include villas, beach cottages, and estates. There’re direct flights each day from Fort Lauderdale by Continental Airlines, and also from Miami by American Airlines.

There are several everyday flights from Nassau by BahamasAir, Southern Air and Pineapple Air. There are direct flights for people from the east US including NY, Washington/Baltimore. Therefore, if you’re purposing a tour to this island, don’t worry because transportation to the island is very comfortable.

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