Can You Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

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Losing weight leads to the skin stretching so that it can accumulate the excess fat inside the body. After weight loss, usually loose skin remains. This especially happens to people who have lost more than twenty pounds. So, can you get rid of loose skin after weight loss? The answer is YES. There are various methods that one can carry out to get rid of loose skin.

Recommended ways of getting rid of loose skin after weight loss


The best way of getting rid of loose skin is through surgical removal. Plastic surgery is done in such a way that the excess skin is cut away. Then, the remaining skin is lifted and the remaining tissues are reshaped. This procedure is very effective, when carried out by a legally approved surgeon.


Liposuction, get rid of loose skinThe other option is called liposuctionliposuction. This is a suction technique that is used to remove excess fat in the body. It also includes invasive procedures that comprise ultrasound or radiofrequency. This procedures heat up the loose skin. Afterwards,it triggers the production of collagen, hence, causing the contraction of the loose skin. Some patients need micro needling with radio frequency done. This helps deliver radio frequency energy by creating a lot of punctures in the loose skin.

Body Tite and face Tite

This is done together with the liposuction procedure. It is used to get rid of the excessive fat in the body as well as make the loose skin tighter. This procedure is not suitable for mild cases. That means for people, who have lost forty to fifty pounds. The reason for this is because it does not produce the best results, as compared to plastic surgery.

Ensure all these surgeries are carried out by a certified surgeon for the best results. You need a professional surgeon, who has undergone proper training. Just pay them a visit, so that they can examine your body. Consequently, they will be able to tell what kind of procedure you need to undergo. The surgical process might be expensive. More, it might take longer period to recover from the surgery. However, it is the most effective and recommended procedure, if taken care of by a specialist.

Alternative methods

woman showing fat of armpitAs we have mentioned earlier, surgical removal of loose skin can be a bit expensive and long recovering. Alternatively, there are other methods of taking care of loose skin. These include;

  • Applying cocoa butter. Well, this is a cream that most doctors prescribe. However, in comparison to surgery, it is not so efficient. In addition to that, it might take the longest time ever to see the results.
  • Protecting your skin from the sun
  • Avoid smoking
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Take diets rich in fruits, vegetables, low in sugar and saturated fats
  • Take exercises that will help build your muscles. This is a effective method as the muscles will help the loose skin look tauter by burning the fats. For instance, do squats. They strengthen the lower part of the body, taking care of the loose skin.
  • Extracts of Aloe Vera, soy proteins and the extracts of yeast can also help to get rid of loose skin. This is by improving the production of elastin in the body and collagen. They also improve the skin elasticity, consequently the loose skin tighten.
  • Skin exfoliation. This helps in skin circulation as well as the skin growth balance.
  • Last, but not least, is adding a spoonful of pure sea salt in your hot tub bath. Sea salt helps draw out toxins out of the skin, as well as improve the overall tone of the skin.


All of the above are ways of how you can get rid of loose skin after losing weight. All of the above works in different ways. Some methods take time to make the loose skin tight. With other methods you might see the result after a very short time. For instance, the surgical procedures. Note, it depends on the pounds one has lost.

For people who have lost, for instance below twenty pounds, the loose skin might tighten itself naturally. That is especially if you had no stretch marks. But for those people, who have lost above forty pounds, then it might not be possible for the skin to naturally tighten on its own. Diets with fruits, vegetables are also essential for a good skin tone. Remember, while taking surgical procedures to consult a certified surgeon.

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