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Camping is transitioning itself to becoming more enchanting to even the most glamorous and high-class population. Gradually, glamping, or glamorous camping, is a trend that’s winning popularity across the world. In short, this is a really special experience with an exceptional mix of refined and wild. Glamping is certain to offer a whole brand-new meaning of setting up for camp.

Today, there are plenty of glamping destinations. With this, the era of rough tent camping is a history. To enjoy this type of leisure, we provide a list of amazing places to visit. Therefore, you’ll have opportunity to enjoy the appeal of nature without any inconveniences or hassles.

Why People Choose Glamping?

Beautiful tree house
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First, glamping offers number of comfortable opportunities. Ordinarily, glamping comprises the great outdoors and conveniences of modern life. You have the access to home comfort and conditions. All these will be next to the nature and under the stars. Glamping attracts considerable amount of tourists. That is because people like being with nature. Moreover, it’s even better when you can live in nature.



Wide choice of accommodation

Second, there’s a variety of tents to choose from. In particular, wide range of choice comprises tents, yurts, bell tents, tipis and safari tents, tree houses, and cabins. Furthermore, there are a variety of facilities you will really love to enjoy. Each of these accommodations provide particular facilities.

Moreover, there is the advantage of sociability. Campsites are fun and friendly. They are excellent places to plan a family vacation. At glamping parks you will enjoy a variety of accommodation types. With that, the whole group can find accommodation to suit them. Therefore, feel free to visit with friends and you have nothing more than to enjoy yourselves. Very easy and civilized.

Stay connected

Tent in the forest
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Third, you’ll appreciate the benefit of electric supply. You’ll be provided with a glamping accommodation equipped with electric supply. Having electricity, you can be able to charge mobile phones and utilize hair straighteners. Additionally, you can charge gadgets for kids’ games. Probably, you may not like it that way as you relax into your glamping experience. Nonetheless, remembering that you got an electric supply is comforting.

Comfortable beds

Fourth, there’s an amazing possibility of having comfortable sleep. A healthy night’s sleep is necessary if not a must to most individuals. That’s not something you would correlate with normal camping. Self-inflating air sleeping bags become the self-deflating during the night. Eventually, you find yourself sleeping on the rough ground.

With simply a sheet of rubber separating you and that stick which may force its way into your back anytime. At glamping territories, tents include proper beds with decent mattresses. So, you can walk, cycle or go lazing all day by your tent and drinking into the fresh air. Afterwards, you’re sure to get a sound night’s sleep, than what you would have at ordinary camping .

Person near the tent in the evening
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Incredible view

Fifth, you won’t fail to enjoy the starry nights. Relaxing outside your tent following a sunshiny summer’s day is wonderful. Many campsites allow campfires which make for an idyllic end to your day. However, whether you have a fire or not, you can’t miss the beautifully clear and starry nights. Here, you will get a great stargazing night and find yourself sleeping on the ground and gazing upwards in astonishment.

Places for glamping in USA

Torrey,  Utah

While glamping offers various accommodations, this places provides tourists with unusual vagons.  There are king size beds,  access to hot water, and even air conditioning.  Moreover, the vagons’ designs are made in 19 century style. 

Kennebunkport, Maine

Here, every tent has its unique design. One of the most interest types of accommodation,  then you can choose A-shape hut. The place is very beautiful and full of green trees and plants. 

Little Raccoon Key, Georgia

Raccoon Key is only 10 minutes away from Jekyll Island. There is only one tent, therefore while you stay here, the whole island belongs to you. Glamping in Raccoon gives the opportunity of private vacations. Besides, boat trip is included in your vacation, too. So,  do not be surprised if you see dolphins while having your boat trip!


In conclusion, these are just a few of the many goodies glamping offers. Visiting here will be perfect for your weekend festivals, for vacationing or even as a honeymoon. With so much to enjoy you can have a different experience every time you visit glamping. Glamping is everything about comfort and more essentially having fun. Luckily, these are all you can find here.

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