What type of hair straightener is best for you?

Hair straightener

Hair straighteners are more than just two heated plates. They are not a throw-away item to be replaced frequently, because a good pair is a real investment. No matter what hair style you have, the right pair of irons will help. You will have no problems straightening your hair with a hair straightener that is suitable your hair type. Moreover, you can even use them to curl your hair and give volume, if used correctly. So, how do you choose the best hair straightener?

Getting value for money

We have all been there, you’re at the shops and see a cheap pair of hair straighteners. However, cheap is not always good. A cheap hair straightener can damage your hair due to uneven heating. They can also snag your hair and overheat easily. Furthermore, they will break sooner and need replacing. Later, after purchasing low quality product again, you’ll do the same mistake.

You’ll have to use cheap instrument, further damaging your hair. A cheap hair straightener will turn out costly in the long run. Besides, don’t forget that you will have to buy products to fix the damage done. Therefore, buy high quality hair straighteners. Thus, you won’t be replacing them any time soon.

A pricier hair straightener may seem like a substantial amount to for out. But that is only the initial cost. In the long run, they will last you years, hence saving you money. You don’t have to buy the most expensive hair straightener you see. Though, take into consideration what good value for money means. To you and your hair.

The texture of your hair can define your hair straightener

hair straightenerThink about your hair and its natural texture. If you have thick and coarse hair, you need a hair straightener that can reach high temperatures. On the other hand, thinner, fine hair needs less heat.

Consider trying to find a hair straightener with a heat regulator. Especially if you have fine hair. Some digital hair straighteners allow you to choose the temperature. Therefore, you can select the perfect temperature to not damage your hair.


The shape and size of your irons

The name flat iron does indicate the shape of it. And you wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to think they only have one shape. However, it is the shape of the edges of your hair straightener that matters. Slightly rounded means they can curl too. On the other hand, sharp edges may give you straighter hair, but they’re less adaptable.

Also, wider plates straighten your hair faster. On the other hand, it can be problematic to travel with sucher instrument. Whereas finer plates are easy to carry. They also apply less heat, making them better for people with finer hair.

The right plates for your hair

hair straightenerHair straightener plates are made from various metals and other materials. Like ceramics for example. Don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. Choosing what your hair straightener plates are made from depends on your hair’s needs. There are two main types of hair straighteners. Titanium and Ceramic are the most popular. Although there is a third, Tourmaline or Ionic plates.

Titanium hair straightener plates are good for applying high, even temperatures. They heat up fast, which makes them ideal for coarse or extremely curly hair.

Ceramic hair straightener plates are good value for money. They do a good job of straightening most hair. Because they provide even heat throughout the plate. Be careful and do not buy ceramic-coated straightener plates. That is because ceramic coat will wear down very soon. Afterwards, the heat will be distributed unequally along the length of your hair straightener. Thus, your device will stop working properly.

Tourmaline hair straightener plates are perfect for hair that has suffered from heating. Damaged hair benefits from these ionic plates. They produce a higher number of negative ions. That means, they prevent split ends by sealing the ends of the hair. Moreover, process of hair straightening is much faster.

Any extras with your hair straightener?

hair straightenerThere is a wide range of extra features you can find on hair straighteners. For instance, to help tackle naturally curly hair. Some hair straighteners come with built-in combs. Other functions can be a steam function, that helps tame manes. You can also find a cordless hair straightener. Actually, they are suitable for those who like to travel, but can’t travel without their hair straighteners! Looking to save time? Then find a pair of instant-heat hair straighteners. This also means you can have longer in bed of a morning.

It may not be easy to know what hair straighteners are right for your hair. Do not forget that each type of hair requires special way of hair care. That is why take into account this important parameter when you purchase hair straighteners. We hope that with this helpful guide you would no longer have any doubts!

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