Ketogenic diet
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Not achieving reliable results fast is the primary reason why people give up during their weight loss journey. This is where the Keto diet comes in. It is different from other diets with reduced carbohydrates which concentrate on protein. Ketogenic diet focuses on fats, which provide up to 90% of daily calories. This is not the kind of diet to experiment with. That is why you need to get famaliarized with it first.

How it works

The Keto diet targets to force the body into utilizing a different kind of fuel. Other than relying on glucose, the Keto diet depends on ketone bodies. This is a kind of fuel which is produced by the liver from stored fat. Burning calories seems like the perfect way to reduce weight. Although, getting the liver to produce ketone bodies is delicate. It involves you depriving your body of carbs, less than 20 -50grams per day. It usually takes a few days to achieve the state of ketosis. Eating a lot of protein can hinder ketosis.

What to eat

Since the Keto diet has an increased fat requirement, dieters must include fat in every meal. In an everyday 2000-calorie diet, it is 165 fat , 40 carb, and 75 protein grams. But the precise ration depends on your specific needs. Intake of several healthy unsaturated fats during the Keto diet is allowed, like almonds, avocados, and olive oil. But saturated fats sourced from oils like palm and coconut, are supported in increased amounts. They include lard, cocoa butter, and butter. Proteins are part of this diet. However, it does not favor between lean proteins and protein sources with lots of high saturated fats. All fruits have lots of carbs, though you can have some fruits, like berries, in small amounts. Vegetables, which also have lots of carbs, are limited to leafy greens. These include spinach, kales, broccoli, asparagus and swiss chard, onions, and garlic. One cup of chopped broccoli has approximately six carbs.

Ketogenic diet
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Ketogenic diet risks

The Ketogenic diet has a lot of chances. To begin with, it has lots of saturated fats. Recommendations suggest that you maintain saturated fats at no more than 7% of your daily calories. This is because they associate with heart conditions. Also, the Keto diet is related to an increase in LDL cholesterol, which is harmful. Linked to heart conditions is LDL Cholesterol. Other potential Keto risks are:

  1. Nutrient Deficiency. Therefore, you should take vegetables, grains, and fruits, to avoid the risk of nutrients deficiency. The nutrients include vitamin B and C, magnesium, selenium, and Phosphorus.
  2. Liver issues. In fact, with plenty of fat to metabolize, your body could elevate any liver conditions Kidney issues. The kidneys assist in metabolizing protein, and Keto diet might overload them.
  3. Constipation. The Keto diet causes particular side effects. Some of them are reduced fibrous content, mood swings, and vague thinking. As nutritionists say, the brain requires sugars from healthy carbs to function. Reduced-carb diets may result in confusion and irritability.

Other Diets

There are other popular reduced-carb diets, like Keto diet. Although, they come with similar risks if it’s overdone by consuming reduced carbohydrates. So why follow different diets? That it is because they are everywhere and individuals hear of them anecdotally. Narratives about short-term reduced-carb diet success involve reduced appetite, since fat burns slower, as compared to carbs. Though, do not loose the balance. It’s necessary to supply your organism with other nutrients, too.

Ketogenic diet

Pros of the Ketogenic diet

Swift weight loss

Numerous dieters experience fast weight loss. This is encouraging for people who find it difficult to shed weight or have plenty of weight to lose. Quick results are encouraging and motivate them to stick to the diet.

Reduced appetite

While on a state of ketosis, it can curb your appetite. The high amount of fats also aids individuals to feel full during the day and gets rid of the need for snacking.

Extra energy

Individuals who follow the Keto diet say they have lots of stamina and strength.

Reduced epileptic seizures

The Keto diet is used to treat seizures in epileptic kids, especially in cases, where the medicine does not work.

Type II diabetes

Carbohydrates restriction could have an impact on the levels of glucose, lowering them with time. It may be a simple way for one to manage their diabetes.


This is a developing area of research for the Keto diet. The Warburg effect has confirmed that tumor cells can break down glucose 200 times faster as compared to normal cells. Theoretically, by starving tumor cells of glucose, you can hinder their growth and aid to prevent cancer.

Reset the sensitivity of insulin

Insulin sensitivity happens when your body has a difficult time metabolizing glucose and using the sugars from carbs. Besides, it decreases the storage of glucose within the cells of the muscle, negatively affecting results, training as well as performance. A duration of low-carb intake through the Ketogenic diet might assist in enhancing your sensitivity to insulin. This ensures you can safely reintroduce carbohydrates sometime later without any detrimental effect on your physique.

Increases fertility in women

Some physicians have suggested that the Keto diet might be a cheaper way to treat fertility problems. The advantages of weight loss and prevention of diabetes, which contribute to fertility issues, make it ideal. Keto diet can also assist with PCOS and obesity, which results in healed reproductive hormones.

Cons of Ketogenic diet

Adaptation period

Very low-carb diets have an adaptation duration which lasts for 7-14 days. This period is uncomfortable and has some effects like headache and sugar cravings, etc.


The amount of proteins and vegetables are meager, and minerals and vitamins and micro-nutrients are absent from this strategy.

Digestion issues

Dietary changes frequently result in digestive problems. Constipation might be an issue since fiber intake is low.

Possible loss of muscles

There are concerns that participants, who are on a long term diet, could experience loss of muscles. Keto diet takes a lot of commitment, especially for the dieter to achieve ketosis. Eventually, the plan will eliminate the stubborn belly, or thighs fat or any other fat in your body.

Understanding the pros and cons of the Keto diet when you decide to implement it is essential to your health. Do not push your body to a diet which it cannot withstand. The body will give you signals when it reaches the maximum capacity of how much it can take. Adhering to the signs is essential. Keto diet takes a lot of commitment especially for the dieter to achieve ketosis. Eventually, the plan will eliminate the stubborn belly, or thighs fat or any other fat in your body.

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